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  1. I started on the red heart pattern. It is going to be a baby blanket so I changed up the colors and the size. I was hoping to avoid holes but couldn't. I will post a picture when I get a chance. Thank everyone for your time on this.
  2. Wow really nice afghan.
  3. I was actually thinking I saw it here. I have gone through Raverly but found nothing. It was just a simple pattern of a baby blanket that that looked so nice but also simple. They used green in a row than pink than green again maybe yellow. Anyway it looked like little rows of flowers. Thank you everyone for looking.
  4. It almost looks like little fans one row in the front one row in the back. How would that be done?
  5. The one from crochet pattern central looks a lot like the pattern I now only see in my head. But it seems it was three repeating rows like white,green,pink. And somehow the stitch made it look like flowers. But I don't remember it being a blanket with spaces or air holes.
  6. Does anyone remember seeing a pattern for a afghan that was little maybe shell like flowers. The colors that were used made it look like rows of flowers. There is one on the lily site i think but I don't think thats it because I don't remember there being holes in it.
  7. karen007

    Graph making

    Yes the knitpro downloaded my picture made the graph but it saved as a strange file exe not a PDF. So when i go to open it I can't. Can I ask how you do it through excel?
  8. That killed two birds with one stone. The site was correct for the snakes and such. But I was actually thinking your little cuties were at the same place. Thank you so much for your links I just love little projects that don't require sewing it is a joy to do them. Karen
  9. I had the website of the lady who made all the little creatures for her kids bazaar,but lost it. Anyone remember this, she had a bunny,elephnat necklaces ect. thank you sorry I put this in wrong section...should have been seeking patterns
  10. I saw the pattern below it and just assumed it was for the bigger bag in the picture above it. Thank you for pointing it out. Next time I will pay more attention. Karen
  11. OK I hope you can make better sense Then I could.
  12. Good morning, This morning there is the cutest free pattern on Ravelry. It is written in I think Italin. Even when I translate it I don't understand what some of the terms mean. It is the cutest cell purse and the only one I think my granddaughter just might use. Is there anyone who can figure out what the pattern says in english? Thank you Karen
  13. Is there a different link? I would love to see this and have the pattern.
  14. great shawl. PLease let me know when the pattern is done. Did it take long to do?
  15. Ok thank you for links I have something to work with now.
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