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  1. Your shawl is beautiful. As the others have posted, please concentrate on the comfort that your gift will bring. I pray for comfort, healing, warmth, rest, and peace as I crochet prayer/comfort shawls for our local hospital. Also, think how good it must make the recipient feel to know someone took the time to make something to help them. All of this was said by previous posters but hopefully this will help you if you decide to continue making shawls.
  2. Thank you for the info. and the sites to look at. I'm going today to HL and Michaels to check out their yarns. I'm one who need to "pet the yarns" to decide what to purchase. Any more information will be appreciated.
  3. I would love to crochet something light and delicate for my niece's baby to be. Has anyone used any of the fingering or size one yarns for something like this? Also is there a lighter weight cotton? Thank you for any help you can give me. Thanks Magiccrochetfan for the reply I'll add more info: I've made things in size 3 acrylic yarns for babies and they were nice, but I wondered about size 2 cotton yarns for this. My niece seems to be a more natural fiber type of person. I'd thought to use cotton but wanted a lighter weight so it wouldn't take so long to dry. I've looked online
  4. Thank you all for your replies . I understand about the different yarn and needle sizes changing the size of the finished product. I was just looking for an easy way to estimate how much size 4 yarn I would need to make a pattern that calls for size 5 yarn without making a swatch. It seems like there really isn't an "easy way". The reason for my question is that while at a yarn store on vacation, I saw a smaller weight yarn that I fell in love with and wanted to get enough to make a certain pattern that calls for a larger weight yarn. There were only a few skeins available and I was a
  5. I need some help with what might be a silly question please. Thank you in advance. I want to make a prayer shawl with in size 4 worsted weight yarn (probably simply soft) from a pattern that calls for homespun (size 5 yarn). Is there a simple way to figure out how much more yarn I will need and how to adjust the pattern? Is there a chart that helps with the change? I know I can make a swatch but is there a simpler way? I'm not lazy just not that great with the math.
  6. wow! that's great. i'm going to the nc state fair next week. i'll be looking for it. good luck to you.
  7. these are beautiful. the heart is a wonderful valentine's gift, too. i can't tell by the pictures, do they have beads on them? If not that would be so cool on the tree. i may have to order that book. you did a great job.
  8. thank you for sharing this pattern. it is lovely. i plan to make a shawl for my mom, maybe my sister and me, too. you're very talented.
  9. i hope you decide to share it because it is great. i love the pattern and the color combination really looks nice. great job.
  10. this is so great! i love everything about it. i hate to join squares but this almost makes me want to make one like this. you did a great job!
  11. beautiful. i love the colors. i hope whoever wins it gives it to your friend. that would be a nice thing to do.
  12. just wanted to pop in and say that i got a thank you letter for the six scarves i sent to the nc special olympics back in november. i had enclosed my information as instructed and wondered if i would hear from them. it was nice to know my donation arrived. i plan to participate again when new guidelines are announced.
  13. i mailed six scarves off to the nc special olympics today. i will try to post a pic if i can figure out how to do it.
  14. i got a reply from the special olympics to my questions about adding fringe and washing the scarves before sending them. i was pleased to get a reply. they said to be creative - fringe was fine as long as the scarves were within the size guidelines. the scarves do not need to be washed before shipment.
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