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    Married since 1993, one son who is 16, two dogs Buster and Shelby
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    Crochet, sewing, beginning to quilt, collect patterns, recipe books, refrigerator magnets, camping.
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    Registered nurse, teacher (Retired from both)
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    Afghans, hats, squares, small items, holiday related items. I still consider myself a beginner and look for easy beginner patterns.
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    1977 or so....
  1. I sure would like to know some good patterns for making baby booties. Would you share your favorite???? I'd also like to try my hand at crocheting a baby poncho, shawl or dress.
  2. Yes those are super close, not exact, but the first one is great thanks!!!!!
  3. Used to have a pattern that was a little chicken you crocheted and she fit over the standard plastic eggs. I'm looking for ANY Easter related crochet items........,what's your favorite? Can you share!?
  4. Looking for an easy pattern for this shawls saw a friend with at church. It came to just below her shoulder blades on the back ....wrapped over her shoulders then each side narrowed down into like a long scarf. It's pretty and looked like single crochet...I think it may have come to a point in the back. Any takers? Thank you
  5. thank you very much! i found one on etsy for only $3 which is well worth is. My friend is a photographer of babies....she will love them. Good recliner projects when the hubbs is watching programs about UFO's......ugh!
  6. Can anyone tell me where I can find a simple crown hat pattern for babies????? or any size for that matter and I can adjust. I want to make a few for my new cousin due in October.
  7. its actually the CORRECT way to hold it when holding like a handle bar. i have tons of old crochet books that show that in pics. but its what you get used too! im suprised that the wrong way has the lead! i feel all fumble fingers if i try to hold mine like a pencil. feel lost!
  8. go to this video. then see if you can find her website. she's good!!!
  9. she has tons of other stitch tutorials as well. WOW!
  10. this is the best video I have found for learning Broomstick Lace! :cheer
  11. keep trying. im sure u will get it. you just havent found someone good enough to explain it to you. its really very very very easy. if I can do it ANYbody can!!!!! i will try to upload a video later. i want to do that but i chew my nails and hate for anyone to see them up close! lol. stupid but true.
  12. Hi fellow Villers So I can do the broomstick lace stitch but I dont have a pattern for an afghan. I want to make a large one. Big enough to cover my hubby from head to toe when he's stretched out in his Lay-Z-Boy and he's, oh say, 5'9. I need a pattern. Do you SC or HCD the starting and ending row, and every other row. And what about finshing the border and edges. Anyway Id like a pattern. Thanks L~
  13. were you able to ever find the pattern??? i sure would like to make some of these. you have inspired me and a lot of others. Please share the pattern! Blessings to you!
  14. HERE IS A WONDERFUL PATTERN................ http://www.crochetnmore.com/dogsweater.htm I plan on making one too. Let us know how it turns out and if you use this pattern or not :-)
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