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  1. omg - those hats are too cute. don't worry you'll build up your crocheting muscles soon and for the most part those sore fingers will disappear. unless you go on a crocheting bender.
  2. thanks for the link - really cool yarns. i want to buy them all...
  3. oh! that is the coolest thing i've seen in a while. i love the shawl. kudos. i'm going to keep my eye out for the zine cause i want to make one too.
  4. i like weird natural fiber yarns (banana silk - sometimes called banana fiber, recycled silk yarns, bamboo, etc). i've only been able to find these by accident once in a blue moon. does anyone know of a website that carries these? and at a good price? today i was lamenting the fact that i have no cool weird yarns left, then i remembered i have a stash of banana silk in the basement - yay!
  5. i love the bag - gorgeous color. what kind of yarn did you use?
  6. i love this afghan! what kind of yarn did you use? i'm going to have to make one.
  7. the pattern is from stitch n bitch: the happy hooker. the yarn is patton's brilliant. i made my scarf longer than the pattern indicated. i also used a thinner yarn. the result is a super skinny and long scarf - perfect for summer. the model was surprisingly cooperative. scarf detail
  8. i love your shawl. it's wonderful. i want one myself! what was the title of the book? and my hands hurt when i made my first shawl - why must the beautiful things hurt? wonderful work!
  9. omg! they are so fancy! i want to make them, but i would be afraid to wear them - i wouldn't want to get them dirty. they are too pretty to wear.
  10. thanks. i went to the farmer's market today and of course took my bag - filled with produce by the end of my trip and ran into several friends all of which did not have bags - a must for any farmer's market. now i'm busying myself with making bags for friends.
  11. i too love scarves. after i'm done with the millions of projects for others, i'm indulging myself with many many scarves. i think you need at least 40 or 100. you can never have too many.
  12. love the bag and the lining is a hoot!
  13. i LOVE the hello kitty bag. meow!
  14. i just finished this today. the pattern is called "econo shopper mesh bag." the pattern is not my own. and there may be some copyright issues, so i'm not going to post a link to the pattern.[/url] i made the small bag. it's quite strong. i made some tiny modifications to the pattern (a few extra rows of sc's along the outside handles). i used bernat cool crochet in neapolitan (ice cream!). empty bag
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