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    I am a wife, mother, and a mechanic
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    Katy, Texas
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    Crocheting, quilting, cars
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    Blankets, stuffed animals, purses
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    Since 1987
  1. Thank you ladies for the kind words and I will be posting pictures as soon as I have something. Well, I'm back to the hook. Passes time while at work ans no customers lol.
  2. Hi everyone, It's been a vey long time since I was here. I was on this site daily for years up until 2010. Back then crochetville was my rock, my husband was dying from cancer and with all of the doctor appointment and chemo treatments, crocheting got me through it all. After he past away, I couldn't pick up a hook. I packed away all my yarn into boxes ans stored it away. I knew one day I would be back, I just didn't think it would be 9 years lol. A year ago, I moved into a nice little cottage in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. A little town called Marshall's Creek and I got remarried to a widower in March. Both of us have adult children and a lot of furbabies. I started crocheting again and thought I would see if this site was still alive. I am so happy to see it going strong. I was sad to see that Jimbo's Front Porch was no longer active as I have a number of his hooks somewhere. Guess I'll have to search all my boxes to find them. Right now I'm making a blanket as a gift for my neighbor. I'll post pictures once it's done. It might be a while though lol. I don't have the time I use to. Kat-n-Wait Formally. Ladykats
  3. Hello everyone, It's been a couple of years since I have been on here. Once my husband got ill and then past away in 2010, I haven't really been on this site. Mainly do to a couple of things. First, I was too busy trying to make our business work alone, and second, I crocheted throughout his illness and I put down my old friend because it was too much a reminder of what I had lost. Don't know if that will make sense to many of you. Anywho, my life has changed so much in the past two years. First, I moved. I couldn't work and live in the places that we had built together. All I did was cry, I was falling apart. I decided to move back to my home state of Texas. I now live in Katy. I got a job selling used cars for a Honda dealer on the west side of Houston. I forgot just how big Houston is. My Mom lives on the northwest side and I live just outside the west part and it's a 25 mile drive to her. I am just starting to pick up crocheting again. I haven't really made anything. I guess I am just playing with different stitches seeing if I still have the skills I once had. I miss being able to watch TV and crochet without looking. I am hoping to be there again. I miss the ladies that held me up during those horrid times back in 09. Anyway, I am back! I hope for good. Everything has changed and is so different. I miss the friends I had on this site and would love to reconnect with them. So although I haven't been here, y'all have been in my heart and mind all this time. Tracey
  4. Hey I will be moving to Houston, in two weeks. Looking at homes out Spring / 1960 area. This is really great !
  5. Thanks so much for that....I do appreciate it and the squares!
  6. Hi Everyone, I want to thank everyone who has sent me squares over the past months. I received a square today from Stephanie. A beautiful red heart in a white square along with a letter. As I read the letter it made me realize that I have not been here in a long while. I am so sorry for that. Since DH passed, my life has changed so much. I have a business that we started that I am still trying to run. Not easy in this economy, and I just don't have the time to spend on the forum that I use to. I keep telling myself that I will go on in the evening to drop a line to you ladies, then evening comes and I have to get dinner ready and take care of the dogs, and I am exhausted from work, I will do it tomorrow. It seems tomorrow really never gets here. I hope that all of you know that there isn't a day that I don't think of this place and the friends that I have made here. I do still crochet, if I get the chance. And I am still collecting squares for my friendship ghan, so please send away if you have extra. I am truly sorry if I don't stop in and say hey or Thank you, but I really do appreciate everything that ya'll have sent to me so far from the bottom of my heart. I Love you ladies and I hope everyone has a great Valentines Day. This will be the first one without my beloved Takis and Stephanie's square will hold very special place in my heart and in my blanket when it is done. Tracey aka Ladykats
  7. Thanks again Ladies for allowing me to rant a bit. It did help! Now if my only I could get my wrist back into condition so I crochet a bit. Oh I broke my arm a week after my husband past. I am just not having a good year!
  8. Thanks Heather, Sue.... One thing I learned from losing my husband is that one... the Credit Card companies close all of your joint credit cards immediately ( within two weeks of his death ), then they send them through to collections even if you have been paying the bills and are on time and in good standing. And Social Security treats you like dirt. My husband had filed for disability as he wasn't able to work since April of 09. We had hopes of him getting better and didn't file til November of last year. They told us they would retro it back to September if he qualified. We got approval in April, and he was suppose to receive a check on or by June 28th. He died June 12th. SS pulled the check and sent me forms on July 1st for me to fill out as I would receive his monies due. Well I got his check this week for 1070.00. That is all they feel I should get for his death and his disability. Of course I can appeal this, another headache but I have started the process. Why am I telling all of you this, because I wouldn't want any other woman to go through what I have had to endure. First make sure you have credit cards in your name only. If your husband was a naturalized citizen as mine was, and he owns property in his home country, have your marriage and any children registered there as well. The Greek government doesn't recognize American Last Wills, American Marriages or Births. So my husbands properties are in limbo till I can prove everything. It has been a living nightmare. His funeral here cost $26,000.00 and he was young so we didn't have life insurance on him. He died from a type of Asbestos cancer, the attending Pulmonary doctor put on the death certificate that it was from smoking and he won't change it. Sorry for the rant, I guess I am just so angry at men! Anyway, remember to protect yourselves, nobody is on your side but you. And may none of you go through what I have had to. Tracey
  9. Good Morning ladies, I have received a few squares this summer and with the death of my husband, having to take over and run his business, then taken a much needed break the last ten days of August, I just haven't had the chance to post a Thank You to the ladies that sent me squares. I do appreciate them and they are going to make a beautiful blanket. Thank you so much! Tracey
  10. I, too was thinking of taking a break. But then I saw the most beautiful afghan that I want to make, and low and be I have to make it. oh well maybe after I finish this one I will take a break.
  11. I did a glow in the dark white and black spider round ripple for DD. okay she acts more,like a boy than a girl. Also years ago I made a small tent for them to use as a fort on days that were rainy, they could play inside. Also I have made tunnels with large rings and material.
  12. I have used Red Heart yarns in the past. It wasn't as soft as lion's brand until you kill the yarn by washing in warm water.
  13. Well, I am the proud owner of a weimaraner puppy. Zoi is a very short hair breed and she shivers like crazy in these cool mornings. Woke up to 40+ degrees this morning and even with a sweater on she is shivering. So she is laying curled up in her chair with her fleece hoodie and two blankets with just a shiver ever now and then right now. So yes some doggies need an extra layer in colder weather. I have been planning to crochet her a jacket, just I had better get cracking.
  14. It has been a while since I posted. I have been crocheting, but very little as I have been way busy lately. I am in the snowflake swap, but can't seem to get any done. I hate it. Anyway I am hopeful that tonight I will have the energy to get a few done and then blocked for Monday. At any rate I don't even know what my stash score is of late. But as far as skeins used that my friends is a big fat 0
  15. oh my, I haven't posted almost all month. I am slacking, okay I have been crocheting, just don't remember what is what.
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