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  1. I sent an email to skipstitch AT alltel DOT net and the message bounced back. Does anyone have a better email address?
  2. That's awful. Your family will be in my prayers.
  3. I could go with a light tan. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. All three are Coats & Clark TLC Essentials -- Robin Egg (blue), Surf n Turf (variegated), and Dark Brown.
  5. That's gorgeous!! Is your variegated the Choco-Cherry? With the yarn I'm using, what would you suggest for a fourth color?
  6. I've picked out the yarn for my next round ripple. Now if I can just decide how I'm going to have the colors. So many choices, I can't decide on what to do. I have at least 5 skeins of each color. First I thought I'd use the solid brown as a one row divider between the other two colors. Then I thought I'd keep each color the same number of rows. This indecision is killing me.
  7. It looks very nice! You're doing a great job on it.
  8. When you get to the center, you should have just ch 3. Cut the yarn about 3" away from the hook. This is the tail. Then pull the tail through the last loop on the hook. This keeps the ch st from unraveling. Thread a needle with the tail and push the needle through the center to the back. Give a slight tug to make sure that the last ch you made is close to the afghan and weave in the tail.
  9. It looks lovely!! If you need help with the webbing instructions just give a holler and I'll try to explain it better.
  10. Natcat and Honey112 -- your afghans are absolutely gorgeous!
  11. I guess I was one of the lucky ones that didn't get hot flashes. Because of the living history events I do, we call them Personal Summers.
  12. You're not talking to yourself. I read every one of your posts. I guess I'm just not a very chatty person.
  13. Here are some links. http://www.sewonfire.com/round_ripple_afghan.htm http://project-angel-kisses.150m.com/roundripple.html http://www.angelfire.com/tx5/angelcrafts/patterns/spidermanroundrippleafghan.html If you have the display mode set to threaded mode, you won't have so many pages to go through. That's what I use.
  14. The final webbing is actually pretty easy to do. Keep your stitches lose particularly the sl sts. The problem I had was having this big afghan sitting on my lap and then having to shift it as I went down the point towards the center. It took me about 3 nights to get all the webbing done.
  15. I finished the Spiderman afghan last night. I didn't realize there was an error in the color chart for the last 2 blue segments. I think it turned out ok. I can't wait for my grandson to see it finished.
  16. I see 3 possibilities: 1. repeat your color sequence again 2. reverse your color sequence 3. use just the purple
  17. Congratulations on posting your photo!!! Your afghan looks good. May I make another suggestion. Before uploading your photo to Photobucket, resize your photo. It's a lot easier. I've tried letting Photobucket resize it, but I wasn't happy with the results. Here's another tip -- when you go to save your resized photo, give it another name (i.e. DSC00100-adj). That way you'll still have your original photo.
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