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  1. I switch back and forth with the weather. When it's cold, I'm using thicker yarns for afghans and sweaters and such. Then the warmer weather creeps in and I have to switch to thinner yarns and threads to keep from getting too hot. The first couple of weeks during both changes is awkward as I get used to the different size. Hugs and Cookies
  2. Yes, I believe they are Boye needles. They're okay but I just hate stopping every so often to re-oil them with my hair. I was hoping with Bamboo being a more natural fiber, they'd be easier to use. Maybe I can find a pair of plastic ones to try with and see how they do. I'm also going to look into the nickel plated ones you mentioned and see if any of my crafty friends might have a pair I can borrow. Hugs and Cookies
  3. So I've been practicing my knitting and now I no longer have any problems with the stockingette stitch. It was a real pain in the butt because after purling, I'd have a hard time slipping the needles through for the knit row. I don't have a clue what I'm doing differently, I just know it works. Being ambitious, I'm working on the kid's camoflage hoodie sweater by Bernat and after three days, I'm almost done the back part. How good are the bamboo or plastic needles? Right now, I'm using aluminum needles and I find the yarn tends to drag against the needles making it difficult. I tried the trick where you run them through your hair to make them slippery but then I get hair stuck in the yarn and have to take the time to pull it all out. Would the plastic or bamboo needles have more slide to them on a consistant basis? I have one pair of plastic needles but they're not the right size for this project and I really want the bamboo ones because they're rather pretty. Hugs and Cookies.
  4. My warm and fuzzy moment came on Thursday. We had gone to see my dad and stepmom and for Christmas, I made her a throw for her chair in her favorite hockey team colors, blue and white (go Leafs go). She had told me that the last game she had watched, they had lost 7-0. While I took a couple hours to go visit with my brother and his family, she watched the hockey game that night snuggled under her blankie. She said they won. She loves the blanket and that it brought her team good luck.
  5. I've never had to rush for a fair but I've had gift time crunches before. I do what I can until I get frustrated then go and work on something else for just a little bit. I also try to keep the gifts small so I can finish them as quick as possible. I would probably do the same for a fair if I had the chance. Hugs and Cookies
  6. They kind of look like leg warmers but they're not supposed to scrunch down. These are part of both my hallowe'en costume and my outfit for going to the theater with the hubby on the 20th. Really can't wait to see Priscilla. You can find the pattern for them on my blog listed in my signature.
  7. I went shopping on July 2nd (day after HST implementation) and was astounded at the price jump on the yarns. I gave up trying to find what I wanted for what I used to pay and just dug through my stash to find a good substitute. Now when I want yarn, I have to beg and plead with hubby to take a list and buy it when he goes to work. Sadly, he won't take me with him to work one night so I can just fill up the minivan with yarn on his credit card. Hugs and cookies.
  8. The Amigurumi Squad Clash of the Lapghans 28 Skeins Later Night of the Living Stash Dawn of the Hook 2001: A Skein Odyssey Stashablanca The Last Stashfighter Close Encounters of a Yarn Kind The Hooks of Madison County Skein of a Woman Hookback Mountain Hook Fiction 27 Yarns
  9. The closest I get to blocking is ironing a doily. I will shop around for the cheapest price of yarn. I will not use fun fur or fancy schmancy stuff like that. If my patterns are taking up too much room on the table, use your lap. My yarn stash is named Bob. If you call it "that pile" again, it will eat you. Just because you give me funny looks does not mean I will stop crocheting and walking at the same time. I'm a blonde so this is my accomplishment at multitasking. Asking me where my rocking chair is when I'm crocheting at the park/bus stop/where ever will only get a hook to your eye. Yes, crochet hooks do make good hair accessories when the kids have stolen all my pony tail holders. Yes, I will handmake something for you for christmas but only if I feel like it. Yes, I will show you the difference between a hook and a needle *poke poke* Feel the difference? Hugs and Cookies
  10. That is perfect! I've been looking for some kind of cute dress to make my 8yr old Brea Bear. She's a size 10 so it will have to be made quickly before she shoots up into the tween sizes. Hugs and cookies
  11. I have a rather large collection of the ones the stores are selling since I tend to use them for more then just groceries. A fun little project that makes them look nicer is to grab up all your guage swatches and sew them on or you can make a bunch of granny squares as well. The one I did for a friend is hideously coloured but she loves it since it makes a statement. The best part is that they don't stretch out of shape. Now if everyone could help me convince my 1yr old (happy birthday baby boo) to stop running off and hiding all my squares, it would be a big help in getting more of them done. Hugs and Cookies
  12. My kids hate it this summer. I'm trying to finish up the baby's blanket for her first birthday tomorrow and the day started out great. Bella Boo gave me a great big smile when she woke up instead of her usual "Mem! Up! Mem! Up Mem! Up! Mem! Up! Mem!" and it was cool enough to sew in all those pesky ends and she wasn't yanking on the blanket every five minutes. Then it got hotter so I started hogging the fans so I could finish it. Then the kids started complaining so I've put it away since 3 this afternoon and waiting for it to cool down again. Hugs and Cookies
  13. Mine is a light minty green called Meadow Mist with Tippy Taupe trim. When I have some time, I'm going to paint my cupboards to match the trim and maybe the countertop as well since the previous person that lived here painted over the beautiful faux black marble countertop that was here. White melamine is horrid looking. Hugs and cookies
  14. I would kill for vintage stuff. I'm just a classic gal caught up in the hustle and bustle of these modern times and would love some old fashioned stuff for my home. Hugs and Cookies
  15. Wow. I know if I even attempted it, I would end up making it large enough to cover an entire wall and hide all the ends on the wall side. However, I looked up trying to find a free pattern for it and ended up finding something just as beautiful to do. As soon as I'm done Bella Boo's baby blanket aka 1 yr old birthday present, I'm going to make tons and tons of African Flower Hexagons. For my own personal blankie, I'm going to do a field of purple African Violets, then daisies for my 8yr old, then a multicolor field of flowers for my teens. Hugs and Cookies
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