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    Since I was about 6 years old
  1. Ratdog...Welcome to Crochetville!! We are neighbors...I live in Belleview, FL!
  2. Wow! I ADORE those colors! I love purples and this one is PERFECTION!!
  3. Sure, though I have no idea when mine will arrive! I love the colors this is done in --the blues and white-- although my favorite color is purple, I will probably make one in blues and white.
  4. Not sure if this has been mentioned in this thread before, but just in case anyone has been looking for this pattern, The 6-Pointed Star from Annie's Attic (it add points as it gets bigger, and just last week they have released this pattern again!) Here's the link: http://www.anniesattic.com/crochet/detail.html?prod_id=22829 I'm not comfortable attempting to add points on my own-without a pattern, so was thrilled when I got an email from Annie's Attic saying that they have released this pattern again! I immediately ordered a copy!
  5. I love this afghan! You did a superb job on it and it will be cherished for years to come! I recently purchased this pattern as I was hoping my friend was having a girl so I could make this for her, but she is having a boy, and well, I'm afraid this would be too feminine for a boy and the new daddy is very masculine and probably wouldn't allow his son to be wrapped up in this!!
  6. There IS a purple camo and I love it! I forgot who makes it--it is a new color...I will have to find it......back soon................. I found it! Bernat Camo-in purple-- --found at www.marymaxim.com and I also found this locally at either Joann's or Michaels...just can't remember which one.
  7. I squealed because they were so cute! Love them! Thanks for sharing the pattern!
  8. I am a righty all the way! My left arm/hand is attached to my body for symmetry only!
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