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  1. These are very cute and your recipients will love them! I work in a doctor's office and when we are given homemade items from patients we get all excited! It just makes our day. You are very special, plus you must crochet with lightning speed!
  2. This absolutely AMAZING! My boss is a Notre Dame alumni and of course a HUGE fan and would drool over this 'ghan! I applaud your work!!
  3. I LOVE Kermit and this is very well done!
  4. You can purchase any of Carlinda Lewis's owl patterns and save $1.00 by using the word "owl" in the coupon area. You need to purchase by 1/2, I believe. I just purchased her very cute owl slipper pattern.
  5. I just spent the last couple hours searching the Internet for the perfect shawl pattern for a coworker who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Then I saw your shawl! It is the PERFECT shawl! I love the colors and I love the pattern! Thanks for sharing. I'll be making one this weekend.
  6. Here's the pattern I use: http://melaniebug.tripod.com/suzetta's_scrubbie.htm They are fast and easy to make! To make them more like the original poster's scrubbies, you can add more rows as you go around.
  7. I found mine at Joann's as well. I was totally excited to find it--it was on sale too!
  8. I made one of these bearded hats for my teen daughter. The hat was easy, but the beard was completely freehand/freeform and I only had to tear it out twice! The beard and mustache (I made the mustache separately and sewed it on) looks really good and it does keep your face really warm. My daughter looks like a man when she wears it and her boyfriend can't bring himself to kiss her when she wears it because she looks so much like a guy!
  9. I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, and cherish handmade items. I understand the time it takes to make the item and that it's made with love. I made a very large starghan in shades of purple-her favorite color, for my son's online girlfriend for the past 4 years. She lives in Pennsylvania and has often told him how cold she is in the winters. I offered to make the afghan and she seemed thrilled and gave him her favorite colors. TWO YEARS later...it is still here at MY house in Florida, in a box, while I continue to wait for her to give my son her address so we ca
  10. Nothing is wrong. The Older/original Clover Soft-Touch hooks were labeled with the F being a 4 and the G was a 4.5 mm. But for the past year or so, the F is 3.75, G is 4, and there is now a 7-that is a 4.5. I have the "old" G and the new G, plus the new "7" so I have to be very careful when grabbing a hook!
  11. I bought one, the 4.5 mm or "7" hook. I use it all the time now.
  12. Today I was given a box of my mother-in-law's knitting and crochet supplies. In the box were several sizes of knitting needles and several different types and sizes of crochet hooks. Some of the crochet hooks are EXTREMELY tiny! I can barely see the hook on them---how can people crochet with them??!! Long story short...In the box was a Boye "I" hook, that is marked "STEEL" and "Made in the USA." It is heavy and I actually like the feel of the weight of the hook, so I may use this hook. Is there any value to this size of steel hook? I have inherited my aunt's and my grandmother
  13. My favorite hooks are the Clover Soft Touch too. I recently bought a Tulip Etimo hook from Ebay (I can't find them in stores) and have been using it, but I think I'll go back to the Clover Soft Touch. If I could have a hook that was a cross between the Clover Soft Touch and the Tulip Etimo, then I'd be content! The Tulip Etimo has a nice grip, but I wish it were wider or larger like the Clover Soft Touch.
  14. Love the colors and that style of afghan is perfect for your loveseat!
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