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  1. Thanks for the ideas! I think I'll try for the mittens that turn into fingerless gloves and tuck a gift certificate in them. Maybe a hat too.
  2. In my family's Christmas exchange, I pulled my cousin's name from the hat. He's 27, newly married, and an avid hunter. Perhaps "sportsman" is a better term. He fishes, hunts birds and deer, trains dogs, etc. etc. So, what can I craft him? I had started on a pair of embroidered pillows with a medival hunting theme. However, I think his wife (also an avid sportswoman) would like them more than he would! So - I'm looking for suggestions. Does anyone have a hunter in their lives that likes crafts? What kind of crafty things would they like? Or am I better off just buying him something from a sporting goods store? I'm thinking of doing the following chart and framing it up, but again, probably something his wife would like more:
  3. My only concern is if I sew something to it, the very act of stitching will cause it to fall apart further! It's very threadbare, and I thought if I crocheted a shell or something, I'd only have to tack it together in the corners and mayber here and there along the sides. My grandmother made new blankies for my younger brothers, and put their old blankies inside...which was nice, but you couldn't see or touch the original blankies. You just knew they were in there. I think it would be nice if you could still see the original blankie. If I get my camera working this weekend, I'll try to take a pic of Blankie and maybe sketch out some ideas... Thanks!
  4. Wow - I don't need a teapot cozy, but I'd LOVE to have that mug cozy!
  5. These are ultra-cute. Great to have on a desk! Thanks for sharing
  6. Maybe I'm not seeking a pattern so much as I'm wondering if this idea I have is a good one. My BF has a Blankie from when he was a child (he's 33). It's much loved, and beginning to enter the "too loved to be repaired" stage. Is there some sort of a "frame" or "pouch" I could make that would protect Blankie, while still allowing it to be visible? I'm thinking a square border with a large lattice type pattern that I could slip Blankie inside of. That way, you can still see and feel Blankie, but he would be protected and perhaps live a few more years. Or a very open-pattern lace? But it would have to be a masculine-type lace... Does this make sense?
  7. Aargh! I now must frog! I've been making a hook case with a wonderful varigated yarn...that would be so much better as this dragon! I'm a dragon-aholic, and I will probably make a million of these, all for me. Thank you SO MUCH for a) designing him b) sharing him and c) sharing the pattern.:bheart
  8. This is a super adorable doll! Wow! Thanks for sharing your pattern - amazing work!
  9. Yay - beautiful! I love to make the thread costumes for dolls. The reward is SO worth the effort.
  10. Cool - I especially like how the colors on the plum one bring out the swirls!
  11. I'm working on another Cotillion doll (the blue one - only this new one is in green), and I'm toying with doing the angel one again - for me to keep! (and for me to put the wings on right side up. This on has the wings on upside down!) I'm also planning on doing Paradise's President's Wives set - Martha Washington is HIGH on my list of "want-to-do's". I'm also planning on modifying their Ann-Margaret dress to serve as a Nancy Reagan dress. I've already got the George Washington and Ronald Reagan Toy President dolls lying in wait for their ladies! Also high on my "wants" list are their matching full size and miniature dolls. The tiny dolls are so gosh darn cute, and would be perfect on my desk at work. I can't quite see having a full size one here, but a minature one I could tuck in a corner...
  12. These are some of the dolls I've done in the past few years. These are all for the 11-1/2 inch fashion doll (AKA Barbie). It's kind of hard to see, but the last two are covered in sequins (crocheted in as you go). They were very shiny - and heavy! The first one is the only one that still lives with me. The flapper doll and the angel doll were both done as gifts.
  13. Yay Crochetville! And I just sent the link to a friend this morning...hopefully she signs up, and we're one step closer to...20,000!
  14. I think all of your missing G hooks have migrated to my house. I have never conciously purchased a G hook (most of my hooks are "inherited"), yet tonight, in a desperate search for an H, I counted 7 yes, 7 G hooks! Luckily, I found an H...but only one!
  15. Yay - The Brewer's are listed...(runs off to order tickets) I've never heard of this before, but when I was a kid, my parents dragged me to games. I was a crabby teenager and thought the games were boring. They said I couldn't read a book, but that needlework was OK, so I was always out in the bleachers stitching on something. Boy have I changed! Now games are fun fun fun! Don't know if I'll get much stitching done...
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