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    SAHM of a 12/03 DS and a 5/06 DD who needs crochet as a creative outlet
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    southern california
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    crocheting, reading, movies, libraries, holistic and organic living, my sweet babies
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    Mama, Librarian on an break
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    hats, scarves, baby stuff, amigurumi small things to get a quick sense of accomplishment
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    mid 1980's, really got back into it within the last year, finally learning to read patterns
  1. Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that I've posted a free pattern for some little hearts on my blog. There's a pattern for each of the three sizes, in addition to another .pdf that has 16 images showing how I joined the tops of the hearts together. Take a look at the corazoncitos
  2. Thanks so much for testing this for me. I am glad it's going to a special girl I haven't been able to finish up the pattern just yet because of some personal stuff going on, but I hope to have it done soon. Thanks again for testing it, and your right about the petals, once you get the hang of it, it's really easy to take it with you and not have to lug a big blanket around- you can just take a skein of yarn, your hook and work on one petal at a time! Take care!
  3. That's really pretty, what a great gift!
  4. How pretty! It really stands out well against the green background.
  5. Bernie5023, sorry about that, I just modified the pattern from a book to make it. I don't even know the book's name though, it's a Japanese crochet pattern book for babies, and I just followed the parts of the pattern diagram that I wanted to use. Thanks to everyone for your kindness, I always love how sweet everyone on Crochetville is!
  6. Hi everyone! I haven't been on her for a while, I've been trying to crochet more & visit less I usually stick with dolls, but occasionally I'll crochet something useful too! My niece was born 10 weeks early & so my sister & BiL waited until right before she hit 5 months to take her around in public. Her baby shower was last weekend & I'd added a crocheted trim to a dress that I'd bought her & added a little embroidery to it as well. We'd looked for a while for a tiny little red sweater and weren't able to find one (they're seasonal I guess) so I made her a little cape out of thread. I used part of a diagram pattern from one of my Japanese crochet pattern books to do the bottom lacy part. I just wanted it to be warmer on her back and shoulders so the top part of the yoke is done in hdc. I modified the pattern a great deal, but I think the end result is just as lovely. and then here's a bit more detail: Then, I'd made a little infant bear hat for an old friend who was pregnant last fall too. The pattern was super quick & easy, I've put it on my blog as the Osito infant hat pattern if anyone wants it. I will let you know though, I didn't have it pattern tested, so if you find any mistakes, definitely let me know please! It downloads as a pdf, and I'm sure there are tons of other bear hat patterns out there, but I thought I'd add mine too Thanks for looking!
  7. This morning I learned about a forum in another country that contains many copyrighted patterns from American designers and designers of other countries, apparently posted without the designers' permission. How do you combat this? I know some of those patterns are free, but a lot of them are not.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm hoping some of you with infinitely more experience with selling your patterns wholesale to your LYS or other yarn stores to sell the actual paper version of them could help me out. I've been asked by a couple of yarn stores (online & brick and mortar) to sell my patterns wholesale to them so that they can carry them. As I'm looking into it more and more, printing costs would be ridiculous to print the entire patterns in color- especially as my patterns are between 6-8 pages long, with at the very least 6 images, most have 10-15 images. I've already condensed them to booklet size so that reduces the pages printed to at most 4, but my question is- If you do this, do you have every page of your pattern printed in color, or do you make the cover of the booklet color, and then the rest of it black & white? I'd really appreciate some good suggestions, as I respect your advice a great deal!
  9. I completely know what you mean. I've been trying to get to my DD's Christmas present for weeks and had to work on stuff for other people off and on every night. Luckily she's only 19 months and doesn't care so much, but I'm almost done and then I may be taking a bit of a crochet break. Nuts! I have to finish my niece's blanket before taking a break. But, I will be taking some kind of break soon, I need one!
  10. I thought I'd just posted this, but it's not showing, so here goes again! This is my latest pattern available over at etsy- As I'd said before, I'm really not a cat person, but I love how she turned out, I just think she's so cute:manyheart, I named her after my step-grandma who LOVES cats like you wouldn't believe! I'll be making one for her when her birthday comes around in March too. Anyway, thanks for looking:D
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