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    SAHM of a 12/03 DS and a 5/06 DD who needs crochet as a creative outlet
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    southern california
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    crocheting, reading, movies, libraries, holistic and organic living, my sweet babies
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    Mama, Librarian on an break
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    hats, scarves, baby stuff, amigurumi small things to get a quick sense of accomplishment
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    mid 1980's, really got back into it within the last year, finally learning to read patterns
  1. I completely know what you mean. I've been trying to get to my DD's Christmas present for weeks and had to work on stuff for other people off and on every night. Luckily she's only 19 months and doesn't care so much, but I'm almost done and then I may be taking a bit of a crochet break. Nuts! I have to finish my niece's blanket before taking a break. But, I will be taking some kind of break soon, I need one!
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