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    julie goller
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    I am a 35 year old mother of 2 girls and a boy, i also have 3 chihuahuas and 2 dachshunds.
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    cornell, wi
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    crocheting, reading, love movies and my 5 dogs
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    hats, dog sweaters or anything for my pets
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  1. oh my goodness that's adorable i hope you got that picture framed!!
  2. pillow i made from the pattern book 'beginning crochet' the one side anyway. the other is a big granny square. My 9 yr old says it's the ugliest thing she's ever seen. lol kids r so honost.
  3. [attach]8694[/attach] [attach]8695[/attach] [attach]8696[/attach] [attach]8697[/attach] [attach]8698[/attach] [attach]8699[/attach] [attach]8700[/attach]
  4. I made this for my 9 yr old daughter to wear to school. It is a lion brand pattern made fron TLC wiggles yarn.
  5. holy crap! I am so jealouse!!! GOOD JOB!!!!!
  6. juliegoller

    son's afghan

    I used Vanna's choice yarn for this mile-a-minute afghan the pattern is from "Crochet with Red Heart, Best Loved Afghans"
  7. Finished this for my friends new baby. The pattern is from Annie's Attic.
  8. wow! Amazing job, you did great.
  9. I'm working on a pair of socks. Some mittens out of sock yarn. And the noahs ark baby blanket i just started tonight.
  10. Just finished this for my daughter. I got the pattern here http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/70139AD.html?noImages=0. I didn't use the exact same colors but i did use Vanna's Choice yarn. I had to add a few squares to make it bigger also.
  11. i love them Whats up with the no eyes?
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