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  1. Thanks. I've already contacted all of them before posting here.
  2. In need of one - two skeins of Bernat Baby Yarn. (NOT Bernat SOFTEE Baby) I also need the older version that is 100% acrylic in baby blue. Willing to buy or trade. Jennifer
  3. THANK YOU!!! I looked there first but nothing came up in my search!
  4. looking for 2 or three balls of Bernat Cashmere in Snow to finish my project. Willing to buy or trade for something in my stash. Thanks! Jennifer
  5. all are spoken for. thanks to everyone who emailed me!
  6. OK, I need to do this!! I am downsizing my crochet magazine collection! If you are searching for ANY issue of just about any crochet magazine from 2007 to present, please contact me and let me know. I am GIVING AWAY (yes, for FREE!) almost all of my collection and would love to see it go to happy hooker homes!!! All I'm asking is that you pay shipping for your new magazines. I even have duplicate copies of magazines that I have designs published in. So PLEASE, if you want anything, contact me at jaybird [at] acsol [dot] net with what you are looking for and I'll see if I can help!!
  7. I'd like to share with you some of the newest patterns just released by Jaybird Designs! Cupcake 2010 Blossom Head Wrap Patterns can be purchased in my etsy or ravelry shop Campus Field Cap (as seen in Interweave Crochet) Pattern can be purchased on my website, www.jaybirddesigns.com Thanks for looking! Jennifer
  8. ISO 2 skiens Brown Sheep Lanaloft Worsted Handpaint yarn in Aqua Depths. Buy or trade! Contact me if you have any! Jennifer
  9. This free baby blanket patten on my blog was designed for a friend who eats-sleeps-breathes downhill skiing!! Happy Crocheting! Bunny Slope Snuggly
  10. OH!! I thought about adding beads, but didn't have any on hand that went with it.
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