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  1. Thanks for all the great comments on my patterns! The biggest thrill for me is knowing that people all over the world are wearing garments made from my designs.
  2. That is one of the cutest dolls I've ever seen! I love crocheted dolls and toys, but I never have time to make any. So I look at others' talent and just sigh...
  3. I hear you, Amy! I have a background of 28 years in sewing for customers, everything from bridal and prom dresses to women's tailored suits, and that experience comes in handy for designing crochet patterns, but it still is difficult. When I was in my teens, I designed knitted fashions for Barbie dolls, and that experience also helps as I translate the fitting process to crochet. A lot of it is try, try again, and then try some more!
  4. I've finished my revision of my Pineapple Pullover and it now includes sizes Small to XXXL.
  5. I'm an old face here at Crochetville, but I'd like to invite everyone to browse my original crochet patterns. I design wearables and handbags, such as these: Currently I am in the process of designing several new garments. If you have any questions for me (or suggestions!) send me a PM or email me at my web site.
  6. I love that! Where did you get the pattern?
  7. I love that cotton yarn! That's the exact yarn I used to make a spa basket last year--- I held one strand of that yarn with one strand of white cotton yarn. Looked good!
  8. Thanks, everybody, for the kind words!
  9. It's my original pattern. My darling husband made the handles for me--- one of his hobbies!
  10. Here's my version of Caron's baby hoodie:
  11. I finally got a better photo of my newest bag, although it still isn't too good. What do you think?
  12. If any of you want the pattern for the pink hat & scarf set, it's free on my web site: http://www.buttonspecialties.com/freepatterns/patterns2.htm
  13. That is gorgeous-- but everything Carolyn designs is gorgeous! I have some of her patterns and I've made some lovely gifts from them.
  14. I've been crocheting hats and scarves to donate to local charities, and I've got a huge boxful now. I thought I'd share some of my "out of my head" designs with you. The pink set is for my gg-niece, but I'm making another set for donating.
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