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  1. I have finished the first half of the romper today. This is an extremely easy and quick pattern. I will have to shop for some cute buttons-maybe a little sailboat would be cute.
  2. Count me in! I started this in SS Autumn Red but frogged it for another project. I think I will order the yarn shown in the book-I love that pink-it would look great with a little black dress.
  3. This pattern is starting out very quick and easy. I started last night and have worked from the joining up tonight. I am using some yarn from my stash (possibly Bernat) and a D hook. So far so good!
  4. lisab

    Fuzzy Bunny

    Try maxalt-it isn't a painkiller. It is the same type of drug as Imitrex or Relpax. Have them give you the one that melts on your tongue-I find I need this as I often am vomiting with so much pain.
  5. Count me in also! I have a new baby nephew and some soft baby yarn in lt blue & white. This looks adorable!
  6. lisab

    Fuzzy Bunny

    Thanks so much! Used to take Imitrex but now take Maxalt (melts on tongue-works fast) and Midrin. I think I definitely will make a little chick and possibly a lamb for an Easter theme.
  7. lisab

    Fuzzy Bunny

    I woke up at 3 am this morning with a migraine and was not able to go to work. To cheer myself up today I made this cute bunny. I need to shop for some eyes for him and finish up his mouth. He is made from one strand of Carons SS in Off White and 1 strand of Patons Cha Cha in Bunny Hop. I think he turned out great and may make a chick for his companion.
  8. lisab

    SWS Earflap Hat

    The pattern I based used is here http://www.modeknit.com/feature_crochet_pat2.html. I did not use the spike stitch and changed the earflaps. I did like the look of the crown with the ridges from crocheting in the back loop.
  9. This is great! This is inspiring me to check out some doily patterns to try this. This would make a great CAL!
  10. lisab

    Kitty Kat Hats

    He did it for a favor to be named later.....At least I didn't have to kiss his ring!
  11. lisab

    Kitty Kat Hats

    My willing but reluctant model strikes a pose again for mom! These are made from 3 strands of Simply Soft with a L hook. Very easy and fast.
  12. The reluctant model is my son who is being a very good sport. He actually thinks they are very warm but way too girly! I love SWS yarn and it crochets beautifully into so many things.
  13. Looks great! The contrasting edge really makes the heart stand out.
  14. This is a longer version of my Mini Felted Clutch purse decorated for St. Patricks Day. I increased the pattern by about 10 rows to make it deeper-so I guess it isn't a mini felted clutch purse anymore! I used Lion Brand Wool in white because I couldn't find a feltable green I liked but I think it turned out really cute with the decorations I used.
  15. lisab

    Skateboarder Hats

    Here is the link for the pattern I used http://cbaj26crochet.googlepages.com/htm-freePatterns-skaterHat.htm
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