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  1. Oh Vicki it is thanks to you and everyone here - the afghan means so much to this lady - you have made her feel blessed - Pamela
  2. My father was a very special man - he married my mom 30 plus years ago and she came with some baggage namely three teen age sons who had lived through abuse from our biological father - he gave us unconditional love and consiered us his own. He and my mom went on to adopte seven children with profound special needs - it just tells you what kind of people they are - Pamela came and stayed with my mom during these really tough times - and with her backgrund with her own adopted special needs kids my mom new that everything would be handled and compassionately - when company would come she set in the back and worked on the afghan that each of you contributed - and people would ash and she would be able to tell them - this one is from a friend in New York, this one is from Arizona, and so on - do you know what that meant to all of us to know that thre were people out there who cared about us and my dad even though you had nevermet him - I can not thank you enough - Pamela said that it would probably be done this weekend and I promised to take a picture - I will do my very best - I can not tell you what joy you have each brought us at such a sad time - Danny
  3. Today squares were received from TAandi - quirkyvirgo Sondra - 123 mama Best Wishes from Arizona dixieredhead's daugher - age 12 dixie red head Dawn from New York Shelby - Ohio Thank you one and all - my friends son would like to write you a note so it will follow below - Pamela
  4. My husband called today and will be bringing down the rest of the squares tonight - he said that squares came from Cowley, Johnson and Walde - I apologize that he did not give me first names or your nick names that you use here - I am going to stay with her a few days and help with the children - it is so hard to explain where daddy has gone and that he is not coming back - they are a strongly religious family and the children have been brought up in faith but it is still very hard.............. Please I want for you each to know how you have made this family feel loved - they choose to do something different in their lives adopting these children with tremendous needs and not always did their family and neighbors understand - Irene said that watching me put these together as she tries to handles things has given her such strength - I wanted to take a photo for you - but the camera is not here and well it is not a good time - I will try later thank you for understanding and for reaching out to someone that you do not know but reaching out in faith and love - each and everyone one of you is very special - Pamela
  5. I was usingmy friends computer and never thught to log out and in under my own name - it is so very sad - she is left to care for these children = but as she says thank God she has the children - for her and to give her work to do - I will be there to help as much as I can but it is very hard - thank you each for caaring Pamela
  6. I will do my best to take a photo I plan to make it on the trip down to see him - his wife called and things are very bad - so I will have to see what all is happening - thank you again for doing this - Pamela
  7. Stacey and everyone I do really appreciate this so much - I called my friend on the weekend and told him all about each of you - and it made him laugh - first time in a long time his wife said - you know like dixie red head is making two , and crochet treasures is sending hers off this week and so on - thank you each one of you for bringing joy into his life - Pamela:knit
  8. I am still short so could sure use them - but don't mail them special deliver y =we will be gone to see them over the weekend I will take along what I have so he can see what I am doing - and will finish it when I have them all - thanks Pamela
  9. I received your squres today - thank you so much - I am waiting on a few more - if everyone sends I should be ok - will just have to wait and see - thank you so much - Pamela
  10. Have just received the first three and a few more on the way - but I would appreciate a few more - thank you for offering - Pamela
  11. Yes Monday is fine - I appreciate this so much - thank you all so much - Pamela
  12. No linda it did not arrive today - but maybe tomorrow you bet I will let you know the second it arrives - my mail does not come until late afternoon darn - but that is okey as they come in I will start putting them together - thank you so much Pamela
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