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    I live in California with my two rescue dogs, love to crochet, want to learn to knit
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    Orange County, California
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    crocheting, collecting vintage jewelry, making jewelry when the spirit moves me, reading...
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    Customer service, selling vintage jewelry
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    nine years
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    I like to make garments that aren't all lumpy & bumpy, purses,scarves, hats-- my sisters dog ate the only doily I made, so I haven't made one since (I TOLD her he would get it)..I like challenges!
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    Hairpin Lace

    I'm a newbie and I have an urgent question! I learned how to do hairpin lace this weekend, finished my first strip in a fancy stitch diva pattern of a kind of peasant skirt. I am ready to start my next strip and I have a small amount of yarn left on the first ball. I don't want to waste that yarn:no, it's way too costly for that, so here's my question--how do you join yarn in hairpin lace, or can you join yarn in hairpin lace? I googled it and came up with nada. Can anyone give me a clue:think? I'm Laurie and I'm Confused in California...TIA! P.S: I'm brand new, so if I made any mistakes with the posting please forgive