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    Happily married for 31yrs with one son.
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    growing fuchsias orchids and my gardenn,reading,biking and walking crochet and now knitting
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    Self employed Lady gardener
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    Just recently hopefully forever
  1. Part 2 http://blog.trowelslg.com/2012/01/part-2-winter-gardens-aberdeen.html Enjoy
  2. Garden memorieshttp://blog.trowelslg.com/2011/12/garden-memories-part-1.html
  3. Just updated Part 3 this afternoon . Enjoy
  4. Just updated my blog http://blog.trowelslg.com/2011/11/part-1-animals-birds-and-butterflies.html
  5. Just added some soup recipes as and when shall add more. http://blog.trowelslg.com/2011/11/part-1-some-of-my-soup-recipes.html
  6. Just finished another driftwood hat. http://blog.trowelslg.com/2011/11/part-2-driftwood-cap.html
  7. My other hobby is gardening and growing Fuchsias & Orchids Yesterday I added my 2004 &2005 fuchsia blog. http://blog.trowelslg.com/2011/10/my-fuchsias-of-20042005.html
  8. Yes my trowelsl blog updated ,and tonight shall post another photo of finished and in progress hats.
  9. Been hillwalking today Uploaded with ImageShack.us You can see more photos on my blog http://blog.trowelslg.com/2011/10/days-hillwalking-in-glen-doll.html
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