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  1. Ella-10

    Blue tit

    So cute, love the colors.
  2. Good Evening Good job Pineknott on the prize. Chilly here in Ky, the weather people are giving bunches of snow this weekend. Temperature is showing 46 with partly cloudy. I'm working on squares for an Afghan.
  3. So cute, I haven't gotten the nerve to try one yet. Thinking about it though.
  4. Ella-10


    That's what I thought but I wanted to hear it from someone that knew. Thank you for your response.
  5. Welcome to Crochetville.
  6. Hello from Kentucky, welcome to Crochetville.
  7. Ella-10


    When blocking what is the best way to begin--is it corners first?
  8. Uspolishgirl and NCcountrygal Thank you for responding, I have bookmarked the sites and wrote down the yarn name. This should get me on my way to making a baby blanket.
  9. Looking for a baby blanket (girl) pattern and also the type of yarn to use. Any help would be appreciated. Please not a complicated one just one that is simple to make.
  10. Welcome Abbie to Crochetville.
  11. Hello, I am new also, welcome.
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