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  1. Thankkk youu for the feedback & tips. I am trying to do that currently, just spreading the word more often and trying to show people what I make Don't have to make sales on it yet just trying to reach out to people. Thanks again!! xx
  2. Don't know if I respond correctly with this reply... haha but anyways. Thank you so much for the feedback, super valuable!! Thanksssss x
  3. Heeey hello! I honestly don't know if this is the way to go, the link in the how to post is a 404 page... So I'm just hoping for the best and sorry if I did it wrong! So, I'm super confident in setting up my store for all my crochet work. It's been a few years now and I think I want to take it more seriously. This is just a message for feedback, tips and just maybe to visit my store if your interested! I also do request because that's more challenging! Feel free to ask me anything and I try to respond asap. xoxoxo from me Ann, My Etsy Shop: click here (safe haha) ❤️
  4. Hey guys! My name is Ann, recently pickup the crochet again and these days it's crazy. Patterns everywhere so enough to do. I also want to start a shop because I love to knit in the evenings, but sometimes a bit to much... So now I have a lot of stuffed animals and I can't give it all away, also donated some already! ❤️ So if you want to share some things or talk about my patterns or anything else! I'm super into having a conversation!! Loveee for crochet. If you want to see my new shop I would really appreciate it. It's via Etsy but I don't know if I can post that in here. So
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