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  1. Thanks! I might get the pdf on Etsy then. I really like the look of these Peter Rabbit amigurumis. They are very close to the look of the books I read as a child.
  2. Thanks guys for your replies! I don't know if I will end up buying it or not...I'm already making 3 amigurumis this holiday season and I spent a lot of money on related materials. The seated Bernie Sanders amigurumi pattern (the inauguration style with warm woolen mittens that went viral) I bought recently calls for embroidery floss, craft wire, wire cutters, and other odds and ends that I went and purchased on Amazon. I didn't buy the craft wire cutting kit recommended by the pattern because I didn't want to spend an extra $15 and when I could just buy the amigurumi on Amazon directly for abo
  3. Thanks for the pattern idea, I may end up making a case after my new case arrives in the mail. Because I have a lot of hooks, extra sets of steel hooks mostly but also extras of aluminum hooks.
  4. Oh these patterns look really nice...welp if only I was patient enough to wait before buying a ready made case from Hobbii...
  5. Ah I just realized you can use a non-traditional organizational bag like a makeup brush bag or toiletries travel case to organize your hooks...wonderful idea! I ended up buying a case for hooks from Hobbii online store that comes with a pouch for little things like stitch markers. Although my stitch markers came in an organized box already...
  6. I was thinking of buying a case from AliExpress for about $10 plus shipping. Or make a case like this myself. I wonder if it would cost more to make it myself...idk. Any suggestions? How do you store your hooks or needles?
  7. Yeah you can felt this kind of yarn if needed.
  8. I didn't realize they would be this big! So I bought two sets just in case my project was too big. But it seemed unnecessary when I opened both boxes...lol. I ordered both the rustproof pins and blocking boards on Amazon. When I bought the boards they were still $16.99 each but now they're listed as $18.99.
  9. I'm looking for the pattern for these guys: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/peter-rabbit-13 Sorry I should have posted the link earlier but forgot!
  10. Oh really? I never considered that pattern to be a type of filet crochet but now that you mention it, it is similar.
  11. Want to make this darling amigurumi. You can also buy the doll on Amazon here. The link to buy the pattern on Ravelry is here.
  12. I saw a pattern for Peter Rabbit amigurumis on Ravelry but they didn't include a link to buy it. So I've been thinking about where to find it...
  13. Thanks! I'm excited to make them. I just got the yarn and eyes for them. Although the Mandalorian doesn't require eyes. I have to admit, KnitPicks Shine Sport Yarn is expensive for how little yarn you get. But it seems high quality.
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