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  1. I am looking at a 47 year old Christmas stocking pattern that was typed up ....4th row tells me "through 9th row repeat 2nd and 3rd row (29sc). 2nd and 3rd rows all have a ch 1 turn at end of row. In 10th and 11th row it tells me to work even - does this mean I add a chain in each row as well or just crochet 29 stitches? And in 12th row I need to start to decrease. Pattern tells me to DEC 1 sc at end of row - do I have to do a chain in this row as well or just start decreasing??? on 17th row it tells me toward 21 more rows of 17 sc across - do I have to put in a chain here as well?
  2. Haven't crocheted in many years!
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