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  1. 1st row: (RS). 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook. (Ch 1. Skip next ch. 1 sc in next ch) 9 times. (1 sc in next ch. Ch 1. Skip next ch) 9 times. 1 sc in last ch. Turn. 38 sts. 2ndrow:Ch1.*1scinnextsc. (1 sc in next ch-1 sp. Ch 1. Skip next sc) 8 times. 1 sc in next ch-1 sp. 1 sc in next sc. Rep from * once more. Turn. my question is the underlined part. Confused about sp (space) and skip. Is it the same?
  2. So excited to find this forum. My mother taught me to crochet but after a 40 year hiatus I have started again. My mom has passed away so I can no longer ask for help. Some new patterns have me confused.
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