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  1. Thank you. I'll give these a read and see if I can pull the thrums off.
  2. They are 25% wool. I don't know if it is just me, but I seem to have some issues when working with 100% wool. I'm about to start some mittens for my wife that are 100% wool, so I'll have to get over it pretty quick! Thank you for the article and advice! I'll put my peepers on these and give it a try.
  3. Bit of a long story ... When I was talking with my mother and her sisters, they mentioned that my grand father would weather proof mittens that my grand mother would knit for him. He was a fisherman, and fished on a dinghy in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, so those mittens had to be wind and water resistant. They mentioned that he would soak them in ice, water, salt and something else. This was 70 years ago, so I can't blame them for not remembering everything that was done (none of them continued knitting or crocheting after they left home). What they said of the final result was that those mi
  4. So .... with much concentration (old eyes), I was able to see where I messed up. There was a LOT. Rather than undo the whole thing, I undid about 6 rounds to get rid of most of the problems. I left a couple of accidental increases in the first couple of rows, because, I couldn't bring myself to unravel the entire thing. So it went from being a beanie hat to a slouch hat. I finished it by adding a band to snug it up - and I used a smaller hook to keep it tight. As a first project I am pleased with the final result. I can really see all the stuff that I have to work on. My wife is mo
  5. Thank you bgs and Granny Square for the advice ... I shall heed it.
  6. You are correct, it is not the answer that I wanted to hear, but deep down I was expecting it. I thought I could do a little cheat to save some time. Thanks for the help!
  7. Hi All! I am just finishing up my very first project - a beanie winter hat (yah!). Anyway, it looks like I've added a stich here or there - or my tension is just to loose - and the result is that it is a little bigger than my head. So, is there a way to shrink the final product, OR, should I consider reducing my stiches for a few more rows just to tighten up the base? Or, do any of you have a better suggestion altogether? Thanks in advance. Darryl p.s. This has really taught me to pay attention to the details ... I will not make this mistake again.
  8. Good day all! I'm very new to crochet ... I'm two weeks into it now. I actually started this as more of a put-up-or-shut-up with my wife. She is a knitter, and it has been taking her a long time to complete a vest (I've gutted and rebuilt 2 full bathrooms in the same time period). I guess I just ribbed her one to many times about how long it was taking, and she challenged me to make my own stuff. So, after watching an episode of Knit and Crochet now on PBS, I decided that the best way to keep harmony in the house was to crochet ... plus, it looked fun to me. I don't really know h
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