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  1. Brenda, Thank you. That was helpful! I have decided that I am going to return the 3 skeins of yarn I haven't touched and get something light and not so bulky. I don't want to get discouraged again. I really want to try and master this darn pattern. I am hoping that if I can find less bulky yarn, it will help. I do have a question though from that link...why wouldn't you ever want to count the turning chains? That doesn't really make sense to me. Also, will most patterns tell you if you are going to ignore it? I'm sorry for all my questions. This is just like trying to l
  2. Thank you Granny Square! Yes, I am starting to doubt my choice as my "first" project. I am not counting the Frankenstein blanket as a project. ha ha I have a TON of acrylic yarn that my mom had...do you have any pattern suggestions for something that would go quickly? I think with my first afghan, with it being so wide...it took me so long to go across and it was all just single crochet, that I got bored and it didn't seem to ever want to end. I really appreciate all your suggestions. I can always set this bulky yarn aside until I get something else under my belt. My biggest are
  3. Brenda, Thank you for the reply. I pulled it all out and am restarting. I think my other big problem is it's a dark color and that is making it more difficult as well. On my 12 year afghan, the sides are ALL wonky, so I am sure I added and subtracted stitches all over the place on it. My mom tried to warn me that I was biting off a LOT but of course, we never listen to our moms. I think she smiled in heaven though when I finally finished the last stitch in the boarder. That is one reason, I thought this pattern would be more bearable. Not so big. But I'm starting to doubt choic
  4. Hi all. My mom taught me the basics of crocheting when I was a kid. She loved to crochet and I learned the granny square. I can chain, single crochet, double crochet and do a treble crochet. 12 years ago I started a MAMMOTH single crochet blanket. I worked on it off and on for 12 years and finally finished it. High on my success...I googled easy and quick afghans. I found a pattern that is really pretty simple and beautiful...and they say should only take 3 hours! I figure, heck I can knock that out in like 6 months then. I worked the blanket on some junk yarn just to see if I
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