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  1. Hi I'm working on a pattern and I'm confused on row 14, and have only been counting 54 stitches instead of 56. 13 row 14Sc, INC, 4Sc, INVDEC, 6Sc, INVDEC, 4Sc, INC, 14Sc (48) 14 row 11Sc, (INC, 2Sc) repeat 3 times, INC, 6Sc, (INC, 2Sc) repeat 3 times, INC, 11Sc (56) 15 row Sc in each Sc around (56) Let me know if it'd be more helpful to show more of the pattern. Thank you!
  2. Hi my name is Danah and I'm still a beginner crocheter. I've only been doing it on and off for a year so I haven't had much experience as of yet but I'm excited to be here.
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