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  1. Oh, push the stitches down forward in order to work the chain stitches on the back! Thank you, I can understand that. I'll give it a try and see how it goes. Thank you so much.
  2. Hello to all. I began crocheting about 55 years ago. I've picked it up off and on for special projects over those years, but I haven't made anything requiring a pattern since 2006. I recently saw a beautiful peacock throw that I just had to make. I've never had any trouble following a pattern before, and I'm halfway through this one, but now it has me kind of stumped. I was looking for some way to ask for help when I came across Crochetville. I'm really hoping that someone out there can shed a little light for me. Thank you in advance for any assistance anyone can give me.
  3. I am working on a peacock feather design throw. I have been able to do all the feathers, but now when it comes time to start the center of the project which will connect all of the feathers together, I am at a loss. First line before any of the instructions even start reads: “After every round, cast off and work ends in.” The parenthesis indicates color of yarn to use, as the pattern uses 8 different colors. Prior to this portion of the instructions, the color changed for each round. 1. (Royal) 12 x sc in magic circle. Pull through and secure. (12) 2. (Royal) 16 x
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