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  1. eriss31

    dc in next dc

    Yes I do try and count so I know if I'm doing something right, and if it's wrong I go back and see where I might've messed up. I find it really helpful when there's a stitch count!
  2. eriss31

    dc in next dc

    Yes I'm in the UK. I knew about the difference in terms, confusing haha. Thank you so much for explaining it all so clearly, I managed to complete the section without a problem after reading your response
  3. eriss31

    dc in next dc

    Thanks for your response! Sorry to show my novice status but I'm still a little unclear. So dc in next dc just means to dc in the next stitch? So I increase in the first stitch, then dc in the second, and continue the round until I get to the end? Is there a reason for the difference of wording? Reading patterns is proving to be the biggest hurdle for me in my crochet journey so far I've attached the pattern below just for reference just so it's easier than trying to decipher what I've typed..
  4. eriss31

    dc in next dc

    I’m a beginner working a pattern and have understood so far but now I’ve got to “[inc, dc in next dc] 6 times” (English pattern) and I’m confused as to what it means. I get the increase but what double crochet am I then double crocheting into? The next steps then follow on to [dc in next 2dc, inc] 6 times, [dc in next 3dc, inc] up until 5dc. I tried googling it and got two different answers one of which I didn’t understand. One said to dc in the next stitch but later on the pattern says dc in each st so I don’t know that it’s right… help please!!
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