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  1. Joy ur RR is amazing. I love it!!!
  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! :2snowman:wreath:2snowman:wreath:2snowman :2snowman:wreath:2snowman:wreath:2snowman
  3. Jamie, Thanks so much for the wonderful package! I have already eaten the chocolate. I am so bad but happy! I will try to post pics later. Thanks again!!!!
  4. Jamie I am so glad you like your package. I am on the look out for mine. Everyone great pkgs!
  5. Very pretty work! Where did u get the pattern? Also I love the edge.
  6. Ok I went to Red Heart's website. Is this the pattern you guys are doing? http://redheart.com/FreePatterns/tabid/118/Default.aspx?tabid=118&patternid=LW1838.pdf
  7. Hello Ladies, Mary, Nicole and Donna.... very pretty work! Linda, I can't wait to see the quilt. My grandmother use to hand quilt and tried to teach me before she passed. Everyone have a wonderful day!
  8. Very pretty Shelly. I am sure she will love it! Ok I keep hearing about the AggieMay version. Where can I get it?
  9. Jane, I mailed your package yesterday and you should get Tuesday. I hope you like it. Jessica, thank you so much for the wonderful package I will try to take pics Monday. I have have medical tests this weekend so that is why I won't be able to do that until then. Have a great weekend ladies!
  10. Hi Jessica, I received your pkg yesterday but I have not opened it yet. I will open when I get home today. I am sure I will love it! Jane, I will be sending yours either today or friday.
  11. Hi Jamie! I sent you an email and I look forward to getting to know you too.
  12. Hello Everyone, I really want to join this swap but I can only do simple hat and scraf pattern. Will that be ok? Well, I sent in my survey anyway and will hope for the best.
  13. Jessica, I look forward to seeing what you got me! I think I have gotten all of the yarn for my partner too. Just have to get the goodies together and it will be ready to go.
  14. Hi Jayne! Just sent you an email. I really look forward to getting to you!
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