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  1. This is almost exactly how I've been holding mine and it the best combo I have tried so far but still not effective enough. I also wrap it around my pinky and weave it between my fingers for extra support.
  2. Wattson

    Pokemon fans?

    Are you doing these by hand or following patterns? If you're not using a pattern this is amazing talent! They are so gosh darn cute! 💟
  3. Ahhhh you should consider making a pattern! It's amazing!
  4. Oh, I love this! I need to find more Pokémon patterns to try once I'm more comfortable with the beginner stuff.
  5. Hi, so I know someone has made a thread about the opposite problem just a bit ago but I couldn't find anything about not being able to hold tension. I have very dry hands due to my day to day work so yarn slips across my skin very easily. Also, my hands are fairly small and not so flexible when if comes to fancy grips and such. This isn't something that is fixable. I was just born this way. Does anyone have tips on holding tension on the working yarn so that it doesn't slack and inevitably unravel mid work? I have tried lotion and hand masks but nothing is resorting moisture in my hands
  6. Hi, my name is Nessie and I'm a 24 year old neurodivergent being from Montana. I have always loved arts and crafts since I was a small child but never took the time to actually immerse myself into them. I do remember, however, going over to my great-grandmothers house as a small child and having her teach my sister and I how to crochet potholders. We made hundreds of them with every color combo you could think of. Sadly, as my grandmother got sicker and sicker, the chance to continue our hobby together lessened until is stopped all together. It's been over a decade since I last tried to cro
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