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  1. Hi,does anyone have an easy way to understand reading and making filet crochet graphs?i did a CAl where the directions were written out.I have a few cross stitch patterns i want to try in filet.
  2. I would love to be a tester forpatterns.I don't do well with thread.Please keep me in mind for testing.Thanks,Tammy:c9
  3. I am really hoping someone can help me out.I am looking for patterns for the 15 inch bed dolls,cindy dolls,and air freshner/toilet tissue dolls.I think they are made by fibre craft and others.I would be willing to pay for originals or trade patterns.I have many,many patterns of all sorts.I have found them on ebay but the prices get too high and have done web searches resulting in the same sites over and over. Thank you in advance for any help given.Tammy
  4. On 12/12/06 my mom and I found my father dead.He had fallen from a tree stand while hunting and recieved massive head injuries.My son is taken it really bad.He has lived with my mom and dad for awhile and considers "Papa"as dad.Can you please help?My name is Tammy Hudson 2413 park springs rd providence nc 27315.I am not sure how this works.
  5. Hi all,my mother-in-law lives in Summerville GA(not sure of the county).I go there frequently.My husband is there helping renovate her home.My husband and I live in North Carolina.
  6. Hi,I live in Northern North Carolina,near the Virginia border.It is a little town called Providence in Caswell county.It is about 30 min from Burlington and 45 min from Greensboro.
  7. My mother-in-law is in Summerville GA(not sure of county).I go there frequently,my husband is helping her renovate her house.
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