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  1. I didn't realize that we were supposed to introduce ourselves. I kinda came here as a one off and just kept coming back. I'm new to crocheting and only know a handful of stitches but I'm having fun learning as I go. Most my projects are for my sister of family friends.
  2. That sounds about right for children. My sister asked for a different color hat right after I got all the yarn for it being white instead of pink. That purse is absolutely adorable
  3. This is so cute, too bad the blog has been removed otherwise I might make one for my sister.
  4. My sister loves unicorns and needed a hat for the winter. I crocheted this in roughly 4 days of doing nothing else. I think I may have gone overboard with the mane but she seems to love it anyways. I put her name on the inside since she'll probably wear this at school. She would be modeling it but she is asleep.
  5. Catzella99

    Pokemon fans?

    Those look so cute. Are you making the patterns yourself or did you find them online? My sister has asked me to make her a sylveon with blue where white would go. I'm kinda new though, done 4 projects, so I'm doing a unicorn first.
  6. This is my third attempt at making a cthulu toy. It turned out better than the first 2 times. The third picture is all three, the light green is the first attempt, the dark green the second, and the purple the third.
  7. For any who wonder why so big of wings, the kid asked for the wings to be big and the wingspan I've given is just an estimate and it would be fine if they are a few inches smaller but they can't have a wingspan of 12 or less cause they would be rather tiny. I'm trying to make a semi realistic size for the wings.
  8. I'm trying to make a cthulu plush for a family member but can't find any patterns that would work for this. The wings need to be fairly large, the doll is 12 inches and the wingspan of 22 inches from the tip of one wing to the other. Problem is every pattern i have found in the last few days has wire going through to strength and the patterns seem very dependent on making a tube for it, what I'm trying to make can not have any wire. The recipient of the toy will not care that the wings droop but will likely sleep with it as they are 4 years old. Even getting pointed in the right direction for
  9. I'm making a few cthulu toys for my family and I'm new to crochet. Would it be better to make each face tentical individually and attach as such or to make them all connected and attach as a whole? They are rather small toys at 12 inchs tall. Which do you belive would be better looking and not too hard for a beginner?
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