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  1. Hi - I introduced myself above, so - here's my first question: I saw a site called crochettalk.com - on its home page - that multi-colored pattern pictured at the top and to the right - I am seeking instructions for making a triangular shawl in that pattern. If anyone can point or link me to one - very much appreciated! Here is a link to the picture: https://crochettalk.com/ Here is a link to another one that looks similar - the instructions with it are for a rectangular shawl, but I can't wrap my head around how to convert it to a triangular shawl: https://www.youtube.com/w
  2. Hi - I am new here and getting back to crocheting after a long "life-gets-in-the-way" hiatus. Thanks in advance for any help, advice, or answers to questions. I am seeking a pattern, so I'll ask my question in the "Seeking Patterns" section? Thanks!
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