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    Just a crazy cat man trying to survive in this insane world.
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    Crochet, Herding my gang of five unruly cats, Video games, Digital art
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    Cat Herder
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    Bamboo/wooden handle
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    Blankets, lap blankets, scarves, shawls, cat toys
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    Crocheting since I was six years old

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  1. Noooo! Why did it have to be St. Louis? 😆
  2. Any fellow Missourians around here? 😀
  3. Alright. Good to know. Any (very) simple patterns you recommend for scrubbies? I'll probably end up using cotton yarn. The peaches n cream yarn and sugar n cream brands seem to do well for wash cloths. I bet they'd be good scrubbies.
  4. @Bailey4 Which yarn, if you don't mind my asking? I can only use some colors of Super Saver if you're talking about that, because for some reason, some colors are softer than others. I go after soft yarns because of my nerves. I know it sounds pathetic, but when your nervous system hates you, and you have severe chronic pain, the last thing you want to do is set your nervous system off.
  5. Videos are readily available on YouTube. It's just a lot of them are pretty terrible quality. Sometimes I find really great quality diagrams. I actually have a stitch book that has really good photos/diagrams. I just...need to find it again. I don't go terribly out of my way to learn too many stitches at once. Honestly, I crochet because it's relaxing to me and it helps my irrationally out of control anxiety (I don't respond well to medication). So it's not the worst thing in the word. Yeah, there's stuff I really wish I could do, but y'know, sometimes, with the right yarn, the right hook
  6. Oh my God, I want that Pikachu. And Batman and Pooh Bear. They're absolutely amazing. I've been at crochet for a long time and I wish I could do what you do. You have a fantastic crochet future ahead of you. Welcome to Crochetville!
  7. Hey there, welcome to Crochetville! I'm sure you'll be able to find help here, there are plenty of fantastic crocheters with an incredible wealth of knowledge!
  8. @ratdog Thanks! I sure hope so! I wish I could crochet scrubbies. Unfortunately, the texture of scrubby yarn is too harsh on my nervous system. It'll cause pain and other horrible sensations all over my body. I want to try to crochet cute little vegetables with faces as scrubbies. Like the carrot toy I made for our little girl Andromeda. She loves her carrot. And the pumpkin I plan on trying to make for Comet. And the watermelon I'll be making for Nova. Don't worry about the strange names, they're cats, not unfortunate children, lol.
  9. Yep. I'm a barbarian, lol. I usually keep my middle finger on the wooden handle as well. Curled around it like a greedy toddler.
  10. Oh, I loved Husband's granny as well. We had a good relationship. Losing her was so hard. There are still days that we just break down over missing her, five years later. They were close, and we didn't get to spend as much time together as we wanted to. Yes, cracks! I'll try to take some pictures that show the cracks decently enough to see what I mean. They're amazing to witness. Definitely not new to crocheting. I've been crocheting for nearly twenty-six years, lol. Self-taught through books and a lot of experimentation and trial and error back in the 90s. I didn't even have reliab
  11. Huh. It's how you said 'certain fingers' that made me think you used a pencil grip. I must hold my knife hook like an absolute barbarian, then. Oh well, whatever gets the scarves and blankets made, lol!
  12. @ReniC I've been told I have a way with words for most of my life, lol. Thank you. My husband and I live by the code of: You have to laugh about, it because if you don't, you'll cry. And sometimes you have to laugh while you're crying, because you'll end up crying anyways. Things being what they are, my sense of humor can be dark at times. Especially when directed at myself. But I was like that before him. (Which is saying something, as we're coming up on our seventeenth anniversary together!) Anyways, I'm rambling, sorry. ^^;; I'm excited to talk with people. The pa
  13. I went back and checked, you didn't, actually. I want to get a pair of calipers, just out of curiosity. But on the very rare occasion that I follow a pattern, I almost never follow the gauge for it. I grab one of my bigger hooks and just start going. It usually turns out just fine if the pattern doesn't confuse me into oblivion. One of the Hero hooks I have has been used so much that it has cracks in it and has warped. My husband and I plan on making an ancestor shrine, and when we're finally able to, I plan on getting a small display case meant for a pen and put the damaged hook in
  14. Hello! We're in the middle of a raging heatwave. Send us your rain, please? Especially since we don't have proper AC. We're stuck with a struggling window unit. Ah, the Ugly But Warm Hat. I have tried that several times over the years and failed spectacularly, lol. I think the first time I failed at it was back in 2007. Once the pandemic is a bit less of a thing, and if I were able to gather the resources to do it, I'd like to teach my local homeless to crochet basic scarves and blankets and wrist warmers. There's a local charity shop attached to a food pantry that does a lot of work
  15. Here, this might help you. Hopefully. (Sorry if double posting isn't allowed. I haven't seen any rules against it and I've seen other users do it.)
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