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  • Birthday 11/12/1970

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    I am an English instructor and translator and crochet designer.
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    Vancouver, Canada
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    Mosaic crochet, Reading books and oil painting
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    Student at the moment
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    Regular type
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    Viking Knots cushion a pattern By Tinna
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    10 years old
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About Me (My Story)

Crochet has been my hobby since I was 10. I made lots of simple product just for fun and gave them as gifts to family and friends. I enjoyed every bit of making them. It was not a serious matter and was only a kind of relief for me. During the first pandemic lock down I lost my job as a teacher and I needed to do something different. Something that gives me energy to continue. Crochet is such a life changing habit. I started browsing the internet and mostly Youtube channels and that's where I met Tinna from Iceland and learned about mosaic crochet. Before that I was unaware of this beautiful technique and believe me or not I fell in love with it cuz it so versatile and challenging and it never gets boring and repetitive. Since then I am thinking about mosaic crochet days and nights and I made over 100 new projects such as pot holder, mosaic purse, mosaic cushion and pillows, mosaic socks, mosaic tops, mosaic bags and purses and pen holder, vase cover, cup holder and so many other things.

I have an active instagram and facebook page and a Youtube channel. I have recently published my first mosaic crochet pattern on raverly and still am working on my new patterns and projects. That's how my life changed only by watching a simple and short video by Tinna.


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