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  1. https://www.amazon.com/Crochet-Trinket-Box-Dolls-Hatfield/dp/B000YBD1EW
  2. The instructions seem to be counting the slip stitch as a stitch, so Ch 92, slip stitch = 93 Then you Ch 1 (which you don't count), SC in each chain, and then slip stich again at the end = 94. It is an odd way, but so long as they provide a stitch count at the end, it should all work out. ~Moz
  3. Just my opinion, but that tree doesn't really look very Christmas tree like - it seems kinda "sloppy" looking with those individual leaf-like branches. Particularly the way they curl. But, if that is the style you are seeking, there is a nice YouTube tutorial that is similar here. There is also a leafy-type tutorial here that give a similar effect. There is also this pattern which looks more like a pine tree to me. You were talking about crocodile stitch leaves, here is a crocodile stitch Christmas tree pattern, and a similar type. Here is a fir tree pattern done in rings,
  4. @PatsyIpswich - It's the handles. It doesn't affect your stitches if you lose a bit of handle size. If you are referring to the size markings, I have worn those off of a few of my ergonomic hooks. A permanent Sharpie pen and writing the size on the bottom, where your hands never touch, solved that for me. @Mysquirtles (I know this was an old post) - I'd first suggest washing in Dawn dishsoap, because of its grease absorbing properties, to remove any grease from the hooks. Then, I would cover them in a paste of baking soda and water, and put them in the sun for a few hours. And, if you sti
  5. Moz

    Crochet gauge

    I am working on scarves for Christmas gifts, and I could not get the proper gauge with the stitches given, no matter the hook size. So, I adjusted the pattern to fit the gauge I was getting. What was 136 stitches became 132 stitches, and what was 160 rows became 151. Take notes of what hook YOU are using, and what stitch and row count gives you the prescribed gauge size. It could be due to your yarn, or your tension as a leftie, or just the alignment of the stars in the Universe. The greatest chefs in the world will tell you that a recipe is only a guideline, and that a tru
  6. It appears to be varigated yarn, crocheted as a long chain, with the next row crocheted as single crochet, and the third row crocheting the chain together in sections leaving a "gap" and then crocheted on the back for one row, and the next row crocheting portions together to complete the pattern.
  7. You can buy it for $25-$35 dollars on Amazon. Cheaper than you can make it. It appears to be double crochet (possibly half double crochet) of a draw string skirt, two drawstring sleeves, and two over the shoulder bodice panels, with two triangular under bodice pieces, and a semi-circular stomach piece, joined to a plastic or wooden ring. You won't find a pattern, this is a commercial product. But the photos are clear enough and in high enough resolution, that you could fairly easily "deconstruct," it to try and make a knock off.
  8. Clearance yarns are often those that are no longer manufactured. As such, yah, you might be able to find them through ebay or facebook, but they will be costly. You might try taking it to Michaels and Joanns to see if there are any yarns similar or contrasting that you can use. In general, if you buy clearance yarns, don't plan on getting more if you don't get enough - If you want to use them for a blanket, try to get enough at that time. Consider them a true 'limited edition,' by the time they go on clearance. This was the only one similar I could find: https://www.yarnspirations.
  9. https://blog.tincanknits.com/2019/05/30/painterly-yarn-combinations-layering-mohair-over-a-base-yarn/ https://www.louieandlolayarns.com.au/blogs/news/a-mohair-moment https://media.rainpos.com/5400/paring_yarn.pdf
  10. Moz

    santa afghan

    Maybe contact Mary Maxim and see if you can purchase just the pattern? Their patterns run about $4 (on sale now for $2), it's worth an inquiry.
  11. This one was made without a pattern.
  12. Moz

    Pattern help

    The "behind the stalk" is a bit confusing, but I crocheted this to see, and for the ring to look right, after the 6 sc's, I put a slip stitch in the next to the last beginning chain - The one that the 5th (and last) slip stitch of the stalk is made in. You shouldn't have much of a problem, it looks proper.
  13. It may not be available for long, but here is the pattern: http://www.geocities.ws/cdjsimon/bearghan.html
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