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    Wife, Mother (to 6), Grandmother, crocheter, knitter, reader,
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    Knitting, crocheting, reading
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    Medical receptionist
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    1976..long time
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    scarves, little items for my small ones
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  1. Mattteri

    Bear hat

    Cute hat!
  2. Good morning! I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any community boards, or message boards with Entrelac topics? Finally taught myself how to do this technique, and wanted to find out more information about it. Thanks!
  3. Mattteri

    Getting Started on Gifts for 2013

    I really want to do this!! Ok, lets see..... Two girls at work are having babies, and I have until March for one of them...First anniversary gift for my son and his wife, I would love to make a crocheted bedspread. Finish the scarf for my daughter's boyfriend.... doll clothes are a biggie in my house this year! So many projects, so little time!! I'm in Ladies!!
  4. Mattteri

    Peppermint Lollypop Holly

    Very Pretty!!
  5. Good Morning!! I am seekning BFC (Best Friend Club) doll crochet patterns. These dolls are really skinny and I tried to make AG doll clothes for them, but the poor dolls swim in them. I am not having any luck! Oh she is 18 inches also. Thanks!!
  6. Mattteri

    Emma Bunny Rabbit Amigurumi

    How cute is this??? Love it!
  7. Mattteri

    Santa Hats

    Very cute!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!
  8. Mattteri

    My Napoleon RR

    I love it! Awesome job!!
  9. Mattteri

    My pillow pal

    I love it! You did an awesome job!
  10. Mattteri

    Bigger Frog!

    Stinking cute!!
  11. Mattteri

    Baby Blues Dress

    Love it! Great job!!
  12. Mattteri

    Winter Pony Tail hat

    Very nice! Love the hats!!
  13. Mattteri

    Football Placemat

    Love it! Only hope there is football to make this for!
  14. Mattteri

    Santa purse for child

    Good Morning! I am looking for a pattern for a Santa bag/purse for a little girl (7-10). Really don't know where to start. Thanks so much!
  15. Mattteri

    thanksgiving outfit (pic of baby!)

    So cute! I have a Thanksgiving baby also. But she will be 5 this year.