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  1. Mia10


    Thanks for taking the time to give your great advice. The edges are fine, I am very happy with the shape. Someone at work has suggested weaving hat elastic through. I wonder if that might work? I can imagine a slight waffle affect which may well be rather cool. Any other ideas much appreciated.
  2. Mia10


    Thanks so much for your reply. I am happy with the actual shape but I think overall a smaller needle would have given me a tighter tension. But, it is a beautiful blanket and will go well on a Queen bed. I just don't want the weight to make it bigger! I think I saw somewhere the idea of doing long chains and weaving through - do you think that would work? Thanks so much for your help
  3. Mia10


    Hello. I'm new here so thanks in advance. I'm just completing a very large dc blanket. I'm happy enough with it but it seems to keep expanding in size! How to I keep it from growing please?
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