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  1. Thanks everyone for the answers. It does sound like I'm going to have to start over and just salvage my yarn. As far as the tips, I only know single stitch, half double, and double right now. I have made a couple of square coasters that are really just larger gauge swatches. The blanket is my first attempt at anything else. That is how new I am to crochet lol.
  2. He cut all the ends so something like 16 plus ends gone and he cut them all the way up to the blanket as close as he could without cutting the stitching.
  3. I'm sorry I'm so new I don't understand most of that 😂 I don't have a sewing machine and have no clue how to sew more than a button back on.
  4. I need help. My 4 year old thought he was helping mommy and cut all the ends off the blanket I was working on. Please tell me there is a way to fix this and the blanket isn't ruined? Editing to answer some responses. It's just a single crochet blanket with 2 colors, nothing fancy because I'm new and this is my first blanket. As far as how many ends, sadly all of them and cut all the way to the blanket.
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