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  1. Hi Diana, thanks! I’m going to start over. Maybe I counted wrong. Thanks for the email address. I did send her an email, but didn’t get a response.
  2. I am working on this sweater pattern, and am stuck at the end of round 2. The lion Brand is entitled Maria Top, by designed by Originally Lovely. It’s a level 3 Easy + pattern. At the end of round 2, the instructions are to chain 2 after my last 3DC cluster. Then I am supposed to slst new color to join with 1st, ch 3. I still have 2 stitches left unworked…where am I adding this new color? I have attached the round 2 instructions and following NOTE. I hope someone can unstick me. The pattern can also be accessed online at originallylovely.com
  3. My name is Rose, and I have been crocheting for many years, but have never challenged myself. Now that I have been trying to create garments, I need help from knowledgeable people to get me unstuck on occasion. So glad there’s a place to go for answers.
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