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  1. Here are two examples. The first picture (the one with only blue) it the first square I did, it looks good! The second however, is how every heart has turned out since, in blue is where it doesn’t match up, and in green where I don’t have enough stitches. At the top of the heart, I’m supposed to make 4 single stitches, I only have about 3 every time I try. And at the bottom left, where I finish, I’m always missing 2 or more. ~ please take i to account that if I have explained something incorrectly in this posts, English is not my first language, but I have followed the tuto
  2. Hello, I am a beginner at crochet and I’ve been trying to follow Jayda inStitches tutorial from YouTube ( The first time I did it, the heart looks perfectly centred, but I’ve done about 9 more since then, and I always run into the same issue: When it’s time to connect the heart to the square, I never have enough stitches to join the ending of the heart. ~ I’ll try to attach pictures of the problem, in a comment~ in blue it’s where it’s lopsided, and in green where I’m missing stitches~ I’m supposed to create the corners at the bottom by doing a simple stitch,
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