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  1. These were made for my partner's daughter who had twins not too long ago. She is quite crafty herself and loved them. She loves all of the colors and figured she liked the funky mismatched pairs.
  2. Very cute! I love that cartoon as well. Are you going to make the rest of the gang?
  3. Thank you so much everyone! I appreciate the comments. The pattern was in the Sep/Oct issue of Crochet Today.
  4. I made these for my friends who are expecting their first baby. She loves to knit and told me it was the first handmade thing they have received. That made all of the trouble I had with these worth it! The joining was a pain and poorly written imho. I added more color to the toe and the circles on the inside of the booties. I love Converse hi-tops so I was trying to make them look more like them. I started another pair and am chaining two instead of one for the holes for the laces - the chain one space was very difficult to find at the end. The pattern is from Crochet Today.
  5. I started this a little while back while on a business trip. It helped pass the time in the airports and on the planes. I finally finished it on Monday - it's been chilly and I brought it in the car to weave in just one end so I could wear it (the others don't show, so I figured I could weave them in later). We were inside for a bit at a vet's office and I got warm, so I put it in my pocket. I then went to work and didn't think about it. As I was getting ready to leave work, I realize I don't have my hat!! I checked with the guards at work to see if anyone turned it in and I called the vet office. We even drove by the vet clinic to check the parking lot. No luck, it's gone! I am so bummed. This was the first time I had tried making anything with cables and I was really pleased with how this had come out (slightly big, but wearable). I do have more of the yarn I used (Rowan's All-Season Cotton in purple) and the pattern was wonderfully written so I can make it again. But still.. However, in the grand scheme of things, losing a hat is pretty insignificant. And maybe whoever picked it up needed a hat way more than I did. marillion
  6. Welcome! I'm in Sacramento and was just up in Eureka on Thursday for work. I had soe extra time of course I went looking for yarn shops! marillion
  7. I hate shrugs. There I said it and I'm not going to unsay it. I see so many patterns (crochet and knit) for them and all I can think is what is the point of wearing a pair of sleeves? I look at yarn in craft stores, but almost never buy it. The yarn absolutely must feel great for me to buy it - so yes, I end spending lots on yarn, but if I don't I'll never use it. I hate Homespun. I use no wool or any animal fibers. It is rarely a problem, but I did have a woman in a LYS look down on me when I said it. I don't think I said it in a bad way, just as a matter of fact. So, sometimes I lie and say I'm allergic to it (which might be true...there are days when I think I am indeed allergic to wool). I love, love, love coffee...but have no desire to crochet a cozie for it! I love purple and orange and most of yarn stash is one of these two colors AND I find myself looking mostly at these colors when in the store. I made a hat out of both colors (yes, together) and I am still working on a orange/purple/grey afghan. I will spend hours looking for just the right yarn. I will spend money on skeins to test the yarn to see if I want to buy enough for the whole project. I am making my first wearable and I must have purchased 7-8 "test" skeins in order to decide on the perfect yarn for it. And the big heresy from me - I see so many patterns that I think are just awful! Again this applies to both crochet and knitting. I'm just happy there are plenty that I do like.
  8. That's what I do! I bought about 8 skeins of different yarns before deciding on which one to use for this sweater. I don't remember how many I bought and tried out before starting the afghan. I figure I can always use the lone skeins for something, or even for testing another pattern. marillion
  9. I don't use any yarns with wool/silk/animal fibers so of course I use lots of cotton. I am making an afghan using Rowan's Calmer and Cascade's Pima Tencel. Both are very soft and not that heavy. I just started a sweater from Melissa Leapman's Crochet with Style in Classic Elite's Premiere which is also pima/tencel. The feel of the yarn is VERY important to me so I'm willing to spend a bit more, but I realize not every can/wants to do that. For other projects (hat, baskets) I have used Berroco's Cotton Twist, but it wouldn't be good for an afghan imho. I did see Berroco has a new yarn out that felt nice but it's nylon and acrylic (don't know if your sister is allergic to either of those) and it was less expensive than some of the other yarns. There is also Berroco's Touche - very soft. I was going to make this sweater out of that, but didn't find a color I LOVED . My LYS actually has a very selection of cotton/blend yarns which is great. marillion
  10. I am in Seattle for a 5 day conference. I brought some yarn for a project, but only enough to do some gauge/test swatches. I am still undecided which yarn I want to use. I love checking out local shops when I travel and I found one within walking distance of my hotel here. It's called So Much Yarn and it is on 1st Street in downtown Seattle. The women there were very helpful and crochet-friendly! They have a big comfy chair and couch which I sat in and made another swatch (I want to feel the yarn in the stitch pattern before I buy all that I need for the pattern). Nadina
  11. marillion

    Tank question

    Okay, this isn't a show and tell, but wasn't sure where to post this question. I have been wanting to make a tank top, but haven't found quite what I was looking for. The other day I was in a library and picked up a copy of 24 Hour Crochet Projects by Rita Weiss and there was a picture of a tank that was pretty much what I had in mind. I can order the book from amazon, but wanted to know if anyone has made that top and if so, any thoughts/opinions about it would be greatly appreciated. marillion
  12. I had to post about our great experience at this store yesterday. We went down to San Francisco and ended up staying longer than we originally intended. I did not want to try to get out of the city at rushhour and figured we could find a yarn shop and sit and crochet for a bit. We called a couple and headed to the one that was open until 8pm. The owner greeted us very nicely and I explained why we had come in - she very graciously showed us where we could sit and crochet. She did ask if we had been in before and I said no and she took a moment to explain how the store was layed out which was great because of course we were going to have to look around before we actually sat down. The shop in on 24th St between Noe and Sanchez. It's in Noe Valley which is a neighborhood I lived in for quite a few years (but long before I had picked up the crocheting again). It's one of my favorite areas of SF and now we have another place to visit while we're there. I did want to let folks know how nice everyone in is this store was - we wil dfinitely be going back. Too often it is easy to complain about the negative stuff and I wanted to be sure to rave about the good experience we had there. marillion
  13. I hope your husband feels better soon. I had shingles in my early 30s, so it is definitely not an age thing. They hurt a LOT and I still had some twinges 6 months after they were gone. I sympathize with him! marillion
  14. I've been looking for this, but haven't found it in any local stores. I love the colors in their ad and really wanted to see what it feels like before buying it online. I will check JoAnns.
  15. Well from another Californian! I am up in Sacramento now, but lived in SF for about 12 years and still love making the trek down to hang out for the day. Have you been to ImagiKnits on 18th (near Sanchez, I believe). It's huge! I was surprised to find such a large selection in SF where space is at a premium. marillion
  16. That is just gorgeous! I'm sure your mom will love it. And a week..that's fast, imho!
  17. Very pretty! That pattern is on my to-do list. I wanted to try making cables and that scarf looked like a good way to try them. marillion
  18. Very cute. Great job. Picturing him in one of the purple yarns I have.
  19. Hello from another Californian. I'm in Sacramento now, but lived in BA for a long time. marillion
  20. Very cute! I especially love the penguin. Is it your pattern? marillion
  21. Has anyone found it in the stores yet? We called several places (a couple of Michaels, a Beverly's, a JoAnn's and a Walmart) and no one had it. marillion
  22. Thanks for the info on this. I don't use any wool products and am always on the lookout for cotton products. I will have to check this out. marillion
  23. I sometimes take my crochet to work on during lunch. I am a forensic toxicologist. I am also a bit of a computer geek, so one coworker said it nice to see I do some "low tech" things as well, LOL! My much younger officemate's wife knits, and I when I told him I crochet, he said "You do not!". It took me a few minutes to convince that yes I do. I guess I don't fit his image of a "yarner"! I can't say that it relaxes me because my job isn't stressful (for which I am very grateful). The last lab I worked at was very stressful. I could have definitely used the relaxation there, but I only picked up a hook again recently. marillion
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