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  1. Hi everyone! Thank you all for taking the time to help me. I thought I was doing it right, but the stich count wasn't making sense.
  2. Hello! I am stuck on a pattern for amigurumi on round 28 for Ollie the Corgi in Zoomigurumi: the pattern is ch 18 (mark the first ch, this is the beginning of your next round), start in second ch from the hook, sc in next 17 ch, (sc in next 3 st, inc in next st) repeat 5 times, sc in next 4 st [63]; the previous round stitch count was 24. I haven't done this technique before of extending out from the round. if there is a youtube video that I can be sent to to watch someone do the technique it would be awesome. I am not sure how to search it to find what I am looking for. I appreciate any
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