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  1. Thank you. That's really useful.
  2. Thanks I'll take a !ook.
  3. Hello. I live here in the UK with my husband and son. I have 3 other married children and 8 grandchildren. I enjoy crocheting, reading, gardening and walking. I started crocheting when I was about 10 years old and love it. My current projects are blanket's...100cm square... for missionaries. I'm rather tired of doing Granny Square type so would love any suggestions for a quick blanket stitch that I could try. Thank you for the help i have already received. Sue
  4. Thank you so much. It's not easy adding to someone else's work as I have no idea what yarn weight/make they've used nor what hook size. I wish I wasn't such a perfectionist at times!! I will try all you've suggested and see what happens. Thank you so much. It's lovely to be able to get someone's opinion on a problem.
  5. Hi i hope you can help me. When i make a Granny Square Blanket i always turn after each row as i like my blankets to be square. Now, I have been given 8 Blankets to make larger...but...the maker has made them a very funny shape! When i measure each side along the side it measures 2 inches bigger than a parallel measurement across the middle of the blanket! So when its laid out flat each side bows inwards! Is there anything i can do to square it up without ripping out the whole blanket?
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