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  1. Whoops my last reply was meant for @Granny Square
  2. @villager22 Thank you! Another thing I am wondering is when I finish this row and ch 1 turn to start the row of just chaining across the whole thing, I'm going to have far fewer stitches in that row, so I'm not sure how the math is going to work out. Do I chain into the stitches on the row below the post stitches?
  3. Hi y'all! Very new here and also new to crochet, but I am struggling to figure out how to create this pattern. I've attached the image of the pattern instructions as well as a picture of what I'm getting when I try to follow it...if anyone could please try and work out this pattern and attach a video to their comment for me to watch that would be super duper helpful. I'm getting stuck on when both of my YO 3x 3D st are too close together and cramp the yarn up as seen in photo - I've also attached a photo of what it's supposed to look like according to the pattern pdf
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