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    Upstate Ny
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    crochet, my little ponys
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    Dec. 2004
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    lately it's doilies, but that could change again by next month
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  1. FadedBlue

    Round White Doily

    I also recognized that doily right away! I started mine about a year and a half ago but then life got in the way. I'd love to finish it but I don't have much time for crochet lately with a baby and a toddler who likes to grab and run! Btw, yours look great!
  2. FadedBlue

    Adult size hooded cape

    This leisure arts book has a hooded cape pattern. I made one a couple years ago when I first learned to crochet. Unfortunately I can't find my pictures of it at the moment. I'll post them when I find them. http://www.leisurearts.com/customer_care/search/item_detail.asp?item_num=3805&sort=title&page=1&rec_num=1&startRec=0&skill=KC&search=hooded%20cape#
  3. FadedBlue

    At C'Ville since 2005

    I lurked on the EZBoard site and here for a while before I finally signed up in May 05. I haven't been around much at all in the past year but I hope to get back into the groove again soon!
  4. FadedBlue

    Margarite Bedspread

    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Here is the Bedspread Crochet along. Just jump right in and say hi! http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=39921
  5. FadedBlue

    Margarite Bedspread

    That's very beautiful! You should join the Bedspread Crochet along.
  6. FadedBlue

    Hello from Snowy Upstate NY!

    Hello and Welcome! I'm over near Syracuse:snow:wbrr
  7. FadedBlue

    Hello from Central NY

    Welcome to the 'ville. It's a lot of fun here (and very addicting!) I'm also upstate, near Syracuse.
  8. FadedBlue

    My In-Between-Meal Centerpeice...altered

    That's beautiful! I gotta get back to working on mine again. Coralie, the pattern was a pattern of the day on Annie's Attic a couple months ago. I don't know if it's available to purchase anywhere.
  9. FadedBlue

    Toy Horse

    I love your blue pony. I'm making a My Little Pony using that pattern. It got put on hold a while ago cause I ran out of yarn. I'm hoping to get it finished up after Christmas.
  10. FadedBlue

    Baby, It's Cold Outside CAL - Larger Sizes TOO!!!

    Since the first one I made just barely fit my piglet I decided to make another one in the 12 month size. It is way too big but, at least this one she can grow into. :blushI'm sure my gauge was off on both of them since I've never made anything that it mattered with before. Anyways, most the guys in my family are all hunters and my dad said once that my daughter was going to be his little hunting buddy. I was going to make her a camo bib but decided a camo BICO would be much better!! ...with purple trim, of course. I finished it just in time to go to my dad's birthday and completly forgot to get a pic of her in it. She was swimming in it but everybody loved it! Ok, enough talk, here's the pics.
  11. FadedBlue

    Hello from Upstate NY

    Hello! I'm also in Ny, near Syracuse.
  12. FadedBlue

    Tunisian Joining

    Darski, my first thought was also to try it on the BICO! I don't see why it wouldn't work going around the corner. If I ever get this second one done I'll see how it goes.
  13. FadedBlue

    Stupid things that bug me...

    I never thought about that but I probably will now. The perfect excuse to get those wooden hooks I've been wanting!! Butterfly girl, I've done the same exact thing with the M and N hooks,even got the same color.
  14. FadedBlue

    Baby, It's Cold Outside CAL - Larger Sizes TOO!!!

    Kitty, I know this is a bit late but do you crochet right handed or left handed? I crochet left handed and sometimes because of that have to do the oppisite of what the directions say and sometimes it takes me a couple minutes to figure out what exactly I should be doing.
  15. FadedBlue

    Deer Filet Crochet

    http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa061700.htm I've been wanting to make this one for a while now, just haven't gotten around to it yet...like so many other things;) Hope that helps.