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  1. Rebs

    Starting Popcorn

    YOU HAVE SAVED ME!! Thank you so much for explaining that. It all makes sense now. I've asked facebook groups with over 50K people in and no one came up with as helpful an answer. Thank you for taking the time. x
  2. Rebs

    Starting Popcorn

    Hi everyone, I'm working on a blanket for my friend and I'm really struggling with this first step - I have no idea how to do a "STPC" (Starting Popcorn). I'm new to popcorn stitches anyway but this bit is really stumping me and google isn't coming up with much either. I tried to ask the pattern creator but they aren't getting back to me. Would anyone be able to shed some light on how I do this first round? XX The round is to make a flower: "Rnd 1: ch 7, slst into the first ch to form a ring, stpc, ch 2, (pc + ch 2) 7 more times, slst into rear or stpc to join, fasten off [8 pc,
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