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  1. That is beautiful! It almost looks woven instead of crocheted.
  2. Thanks for posting this. I updated the first post with the link.
  3. Thanks everyone! I made this lapghan almost two years ago and my grandfather still uses it. He still loves it. It looks like the site owner took down the Bobby Square pattern. The link was posted in 2007. I'm sorry.
  4. I love love love this afghan. I would like to try this myself.
  5. That is gorgeous and I love the blue and brown color scheme.
  6. That is really pretty and I admire your ability to stick with it. It is so hard for me to finish afghans b/c I get bored. lol
  7. That's beautiful and I love your color choices.
  8. That cracked me up! He does look confused! lol
  9. Here is a litle round penguin I made with a pattern from theLion Brand site. I spaced his eyes too far apart, but I like him aside from that.
  10. How cute! "Yarn a body"...that cracked me up! LOL
  11. Thanks so much Sally! That was huge help...especially the part about embroidering the face!
  12. I searched the forum on this topic, but I couldn't find answers that gave me what I was looking for. I found that with the other threads, the person already had some knowledge, but needed some clarification. So, whoever chooses to help me with this, PLEASE speak to me like I'm a complete idiot so I can understand. LOL My first question is involving eyes. I bought some safety eyes for a stuffed animal, but I have NO CLUE how I would use these eyes. They have a thick plastic post on them and I don't understand how I will be able to get them into such tight stitches. Do I have the wrong kinds of eyes? Is there something that I'm missing? It seems that all crochet patterns call for safety eyes. I did a internet search to see if there were other kinds of safety eyes and I only got pictures of the ones I already have. Also, if there is a different kind, could someone please tell me where to find them? My second question is regarding embroidering the faces onto the stuffed animals. I don't know anything about embroidering. It seems that the patterns instruct you to sew the pieces together and then embroider the face. This leaves me with the dilema of the yarn tail. What do you do with that? What I've done is to leave the tail on the outside and sew over it. When I do this though, it makes the eye bulkier that I want it. Also, that method won't work if I want to sew the mouths with the straight lines. So, is it possible to embroider after it's sewn together or should I always do that before? I'm sorry if these questions seem stupid, but I need help! Thanks in advance to those who can help.
  13. I received some wonderful things in the mail today. I received an issue of Crochet magazine, a pattern for a bed doll, a cute spool of ribbon with suns on them, a Yankee Candle Company potpurri wax tart (which smells wonderful by the way), and a cute card. Thanks so much! I'm looking forward to trying the doll pattern. My grandma used to make those and I always liked them, but I've just been too afraid to try them b/c I've always imagined that it was difficult. I don't have any excuses not to make one now considering that I have a pattern now! LOL
  14. StephanieD

    Fuzzy Penguin

    Thanks for the kind words you all!
  15. StephanieD

    Fuzzy Penguin

    This penguin is an Annie's Attic pattern. This is the second stuffed animal I've made and I think it came out okay. I can see all of the flaws, but we're our own worst critics though right? Anyway, here he is.
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