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  1. thank you I found a method for solve my problem temporarily. It is could iron help and it stiffens for example shirt collar. I spray it and pull and push and let it dry. It does the job but if you take it in your hands it softens again if you touch it alot. Maybe I will spray more on it to get the look I prefer. I just wish I had a baby daughter to wear it..will save up some. Do they get bad with time? yellowish or something?
  2. thank you I assume it is acrylic yarn. So I have read about blocking it is make it wet, put paper tissues in it form it, let it dry. What happens by steamblock, is it just put hot steam on the booties with iron, sorry I am not native speaker. I have read that heat make them melt and look therefore ugly. actually i just want them to keep their style/form while ON the feet and not distorted. Maybe like shoes. So in the first pic you can see how it looks like when I push and pull it in form. I want them to stay like that! the next pic you can see what happens when I touch and move i
  3. thank you so much, but what about the softness or stiffness. Would it be better to have it stiff like shoes, so it will keep their form like shoes?. And then I am thinking of would baby feel well in that sort of hard shoes, and then why not if it wears with socks. I actually hate it when they lose their shape. I will then post a pic what happens just if you TOUCH the booties.
  4. hi, I am doing baby shoes I love it, makes me very happy to finish a project. I now my mother blocked her flat blankets with sugar and water. What about babyshoes, do I need them to steam? what would happen if I steam? and howto? just spray with water and then steam? I have some issues with this pattern, finished it has dents and bumps, dont know what I am doing wrong. Maybe steaming would do the job? thank you!
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