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  1. That makes sense, thank so much Brenda! I pulled it out and am restarting. Could you help me wrap my head around the final/next row instructions? It makes a bit more sense now that I understand what the unworked stitches are. Any guidance you can give me is much appreciated!
  2. Thanks so so much for your help! That makes sense to me, but I’m having trouble seeing how the tapering to wedges is happening. Do I flip it ninety degrees after having done the first 13 rows? I’m having trouble understanding the instructions in “Next row”. Here’s a picture of the instructions and what it looks like after completing (most) of the first 13 rows. Thanks again for helping me understand what to do next!! It’s much appreciated s
  3. Help! I’m a beginner doing a pattern from yarnspirations, the red heart vertical ridges crochet hat for him. The beginning of the pattern is clear, as I’m going back and forth doing scbl, mixing sc and sl st to start the rows. It appears like a rectangle despite the picture not looking that way, and the final instructions are confusing as they say after 13 rows: “Ch 1. 1 scbl in each sc to last sc. work across ends of Unworked sts from previous 13 rows: (1 scbl in next sc. 1 sc next sl st) 6 times. Turn. 37 sc”. Then I’m supposed to repeat another 13 rows plus that instruction. What
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