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  1. I know I've been quiet as of late but so much going on... I've finally evened out though. Wtd:0
  2. I've gotten the bug again thinking about all the new things I can crochet for our new house! Just have to pick up the hook but I know that my binging on patterns will lead to that soon enough! WTD: 0 YTD: -24
  3. I know I've been mia lately.I haven't done ANY crocheting at all in the last few months or bought any yarn either so I wasn't too worried about my scores. We are moving to a house at the end of the month so I have some plans on things that I'm going to need, like homemade swifter pads and a soap scrubby for the fancy soap my in laws got my from Scotland when they were on vacation.
  4. WTD: 0 Another low week for me. I have a brace now so I'm going to try and work that out, but my classes start this week. However, I think they both have lecture recordings so that should give me a couple hours during the week to do some!
  5. My husband nought two different ones today and I tried crocheting with the more firm one. (my toddler stole the other one to wear like a superhero.) it'll take some getting use to but I think I'm going to be able to get a bit of work in, including adding a cape, armbands, and possibly a headband for her own super set.
  6. Oh no! That's awful! That's the reason I put down my son's basketweave blanket for a while. I kept messing up and having to frog and in three hours only did two rows in the end, over and over and over. I'm afraid my scores are going to be zeros for a bit till I get a brace or something for my wrist since I think I'm starting to get a case of carple tunnel. It's gotten pretty bad with the tingles in my hand with work so I'm forcing myself to not use it when I'm off work. :/ time to do some research on one that will meet my crocheting wants and my hair cutting needs.
  7. I am pretty positive I won't be getting any more crocheting done. Tonight we have to run and get work clothes since I just got the call to come in tomorrow! Tomorrow after work, we have my belated birthday dinner so I have a feeling I am going to be exhausted by the time we get home. I'm going to post now for the week because I've forgotten several times the last two weeks, though I haven't added any to that score. WTD: +6
  8. There's a sale? I've been making sure to stay away from everything since we don't have the spare money to buy it but I got a call back from a salon today so here's hoping!
  9. The SC one went faster but I, personally, had issues with my corners though I know that's my own issue. The Tunisian goes fairly quick once you get it down, at least for me.
  10. I've been working on a scrap blanket (because I don't have enough wips...) so it's making my score awesome! +6 of course, I need to get more yarn or new yarn for my sister's baby blanket. I didn't get enough.
  11. That's what happened when I did the SC version of it. The joinings were just wonky.
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